NFL analyst says Cam Sutton ‘Could be a star’ with Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions CB Cam Sutton allowed a 54.6 passer rating in 2022.

The Detroit Lions‘ revamped secondary has garnered attention and praise during their recent minicamp. The addition of experienced players like Cam Sutton and C.J. Gardner-Johnson has injected new life into a unit that struggled in the previous season. With three days of practice open to the media, the Lions' defense showcased an improved performance and demonstrated an ability to make impactful plays.

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Key Points

  • Cam Sutton's signing with the Lions has brought excitement and optimism to the secondary.
  • Sutton's performance in coverage last season, with a low passer rating and multiple interceptions, positions him as one of the top cover corners in the game.
  • The addition of Sutton and Gardner-Johnson has contributed to an elevated level of play and intensity within the Lions' defense.

NFL analyst says Cam Sutton ‘Could be a star' with Detroit Lions

In a notable listing by CBS Sports, Cam Sutton was identified as a player with the potential to shine in the Lions' defense, highlighting his impressive stats from the previous season and his ability to make an impact as a cover corner.

“One of the free agent signings who is part of the Lions' revamped secondary, Sutton could be a star in Detroit. Sutton allowed just a 54.6 passer rating in coverage last season with three interceptions, also having a career high in passes defensed (15). Sutton allowed the eighth-lowest passer rating in coverage last season among players targeted a minimum of 50 times, so he's already one of the top cover corners in the game. If the Lions make a deep playoff run, Sutton will become a well-known name.”

Bottom Line – A Bright Future for Sutton and the Lions

Cam Sutton's arrival in Detroit has generated excitement among fans and experts alike, with the potential for him to become a star player in the Lions' revamped secondary. His strong performance in coverage last season, combined with his proven ability to make game-changing plays, positions him as a valuable asset to the team. If the Lions can build on this momentum and make a deep playoff run, Sutton's name will undoubtedly become well-known across the league. Additionally, the impact of Gardner-Johnson's presence and the heightened competitiveness within the Lions' defense further bolster their prospects for success.


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