NFL Films announces New York Jets as Hard Knocks participant for 2023

We know know NFL team will be the focal point for Hard Knocks.

Adam Schefter reports that the NFL and NFL Films have chosen the New York Jets as the focal team for the forthcoming season of HBO's Hard Knocks. This decision comes despite the Jets publicly stating their disinterest in participating in the show. With the Jets scheduled to commence training camp in a week's time (July 19), the cameras will be capturing their journey. The league determined that the Jets, along with the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, and Washington Commanders, fulfilled the mandatory participation criteria based on the league's formula.

Hard Knocks 2023 NFL New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers draws the cameras

The moment that Aaron Rodgers was traded to the Jets, everyone knew it was just a matter of time before it was announced that Hard Knocks would be coming to town. You can bet there will be a camera (or maybe a few) that are assigned to Rodgers for the duration of camp.

The NFL approached the Detroit Lions to run it back

As the league sought a willing participant, they reached out to several other teams, including the Detroit Lions, who declined the opportunity. Although I personally would have loved to see the Lions featured on Hard Knocks again in 2023, it seems that it is not meant to be.

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Bottom Line – Jets Take Center Stage

The NFL's choice of the New York Jets as the featured team on Hard Knocks for 2023 has generated excitement among fans and experts alike. Despite the Jets publicly stating their disinterest in the show, their participation adds an intriguing element to the upcoming season. The Jets will take center stage in the series, granting viewers unparalleled access to the team's preparations and behind-the-scenes dynamics. It remains to be seen whether this opportunity will bring positive exposure or present challenges for the Jets. As fans of the Lions, we can only hope for Aaron Rodgers to have a less successful season.


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