NFL great Larry Fitzgerald disrespects Detroit Lions

NFL great Larry Fitzgerald disrespects Detroit Lions. Let the bulletin board material begin!

NFL great Larry Fitzgerald disrespects Detroit Lions

In a candid expression of skepticism, former NFL star Larry Fitzgerald has cast doubt over the Detroit Lions‘ recent division title, questioning their playoff potential. During a recent episode SiriusXM's “Lets Go” NFL recap show, Fitzgerald's comments mirrored the long-standing perceptions that have haunted the Lions. Despite the euphoria surrounding Detroit's first divisional championship since 1993, Fitzgerald's words serve as a sobering reminder of the franchise's past struggles and the uphill battle they face in altering their narrative.

Larry Fitzgerald disrespects Detroit Lions

What did Larry Fitzgerald say?

“Jim, look, you can say that I’m the Grinch right now, but a team that hasn’t won a division championship since 1993, it’s hard for you to take them that serious,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s just been a long time coming. Yes, they’re playing really well but they are the Detroit Lions, Jim. 

“It’s just tough to get excited about what they can do in the playoffs. You want to see this great matchup they have against the Cowboys, it’s a wonderful test before they go into the playoffs.”

“Not only did they have gas for $1.11 but they also had the greatest running back in history running the ball for them, Barry Sanders,” Fitzgerald noted. “Last I checked, he’s not running out of that tunnel any time soon.”

The Big Picture:

Fitzgerald's skepticism is not just a personal viewpoint but a reflection of a broader narrative that the Lions have battled for years. The team's history, marred by a lack of significant achievements, has often led to their underestimation. The Lions now face the critical task of proving that their recent success isn't a fleeting moment but a genuine turning point. It's a challenge of transforming perceptions, one that goes beyond just winning games, but involves changing the hearts and minds of critics and fans alike.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Larry Fitzgerald remains skeptical about the Detroit Lions‘ ability to succeed in the postseason, despite their division win.
  2. His comments underscore the team's historical reputation, contributing to ongoing perceptions of the Lions.
  3. Fitzgerald's skepticism adds another layer to the Lions' upcoming crucial game against the Dallas Cowboys.
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The Bottom Line – Detroit's Moment of Truth

Larry Fitzgerald's doubts, though perhaps harsh, present the Detroit Lions with an invaluable opportunity. As they gear up to face the Dallas Cowboys, it's not just about winning a game, but about dismantling decades of skepticism. This is the Lions' moment of truth, a chance to demonstrate that they're not the same old Lions, but a team reborn with grit, talent, and the potential to go deep into the playoffs. For Detroit, this game is more than a playoff pursuit; it's a battle for respect and recognition in the NFL echelons. The Lions, now more than ever, need to show the world that they're ready to roar and be taken seriously.