NFL official gives cowardly explanation about Detroit Lions getting screwed by refs

In case you have not yet heard, the Detroit Lions got screwed on Sunday and it has nothing to do with Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker bouncing in an NFL-record 66-yard game-winning field goal.

Instead, it was the play prior to Tucker’s field goal that is in question as it is 100% clear that a delay of game should have been called, which would have pushed the Ravens offense back another five yards.


Following the game, Scott Novak, who was one of the officials in the game,

“I don’t know if they’re synced up or not,” Novak said. “But as far as our mechanics, the back judge is looking at the play clock and if it were to hit zero, he sees the zero, and he then looks to see if the ball is being snapped. If the ball is being snapped, we will let the play go. If it’s not moving, it’s delay of game. Those are the mechanics that we apply on that play. I haven’t looked at the play. I have no idea. I can just tell you the mechanics of how it’s covered on the field.”

Thanks, Scott, but that is not good enough.

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  1. That play should have resulted in a 5 yard penalty and a 10 second runoff, Game Over. I’m sure if it was the Packers on Defense the flag would have been called.

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