Pat McAfee, Kirk Herbstreit compare Michigan Football cheating scandal to Astros and Patriots

Pat McAfee, Kirk Herbstreit compare Michigan Football cheating scandal to Astros and Patriots.

Pat McAfee, Kirk Herbstreit compare Michigan Football cheating scandal to Astros and Patriots

The recent sign-stealing scandal surrounding the Michigan Football team has ignited discussions and comparisons. On Saturday morning, during the latest edition of College GameDay, college football analysts Pat McAfee and Kirk Herbstreit drew parallels between Michigan's situation and iconic cases in professional sports. Their insights shed light on how the Wolverines are likely to respond to the allegations and the potential impact on their upcoming games.

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What did Kirk Herbstreit say?

Kirk Herbstreit drew a compelling comparison by likening Michigan's motivation to that of the Houston Astros, who also faced sign-stealing allegations. Herbstreit believes that the Wolverines will be determined to prove that sign-stealing is not the reason for their success. He expressed his eagerness to witness the team's performance and mentioned his skepticism about any immediate action from the Big Ten, given the unprecedented circumstances.

“I’m just ready to watch football. I’m ready to watch them get on the field. Kind of had enough of this story. We’ll see where it leads. I’d be shocked if the Big Ten did something in this season, but who knows. Unprecedented times,” Herbstreit said, via College GameDay. “Very tough spot for the first year commissioner to be in. … I’m just excited to see how this team will react. JJ McCarthy, when Jim Harbaugh was suspended, he was fired up about his coach. This veteran team, I think it’ll bring them together.

“I think it’s going to be, ‘We’ll show you, that’s not the reason,’ kind of like the Astros did in baseball, ‘We’ll show you that’s not the reason we’re a great team.’”

What did Pat McAfee Say?

Pat McAfee extends this comparison by referring to the New England Patriots who weathered various scandals during their dynasty of Super Bowl success. McAfee explains how such controversies often unite the players and bring them closer together. He emphasizes the remarkable performance of Michigan this season, highlighting their victories and the capabilities of key players.

“To echo your statement, and to kind of expand upon it, when the New England Patriots were charged with either Spy-Gate or Deflate-Gate, their mantra inside the building was, ‘Oh, is that why we’re winning? You think that’s why we’re winning?’ As players, and it really did rally them together,” McAfee added. “The facts are the closest game this Michigan team has played this year is a 24-point spread, and that was against Rutgers. JJ McCarthy has accounted for 21 total touchdowns, three interceptions. Those all came in the same exact game.

“So I think we all share the feeling that it stinks that it’s happening in this particular season, because of how good this team is on the field. … I think we’re all excited to move on, but if they cheated, we know the NCAA will get them, by 2030 or something.”

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Why it Matters

The prevailing sentiment is that despite the distractions caused by the sign-stealing allegations, Michigan's veteran team remains focused on their goals. The team's resilience is on display as they prepare to face Purdue, with the potential to demonstrate their prowess on the field. The Wolverines are determined to show that they are a great team for reasons beyond any alleged misconduct.

While some may hope for severe repercussions, the recent media attention could have a unifying effect on the Michigan team, spelling potential trouble for other college football competitors. The future will reveal how the Wolverines handle this challenge, with an opportunity to prove their mettle against Purdue.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Kirk Herbstreit likens Michigan's motivation to the Houston Astros in the face of sign-stealing allegations.
  2. Pat McAfee draws parallels to the New England Patriots and their unity during scandals.
  3. Michigan remains determined to prove its greatness beyond the alleged misconduct, with upcoming games as the testing ground.
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Bottom Line – The Wolverines' Challenge

Michigan faces a pivotal moment in its season as it aims to demonstrate its strength and unity amid controversy. Their response to the sign-stealing allegations will define their journey, and their upcoming game against Purdue will be their first test, though it should be an easy one.

The Michigan Wolverines are determined to rise above the sign-stealing allegations and showcase their prowess on the field. The comparisons made by Herbstreit and McAfee offer valuable insights into Michigan's resilience and its commitment to using the current allegations as motivation.