Penei Sewell had a day at Detroit Grand Prix

In case you had not heard, Detroit Lions OT Penei Sewell was the Grand Marshall at Sunday’s Detroit Grand Prix and to say he had himself a day may be an understatement. (Check out the videos below via the Lions)

Sewell explained how a racing team is similar to a football team in the sense that everybody on the team has a job to do and they all have to be on the same page.

Penei Sewell, hall of famer?

“It’s been a blast so far, just kind of learning the race a little bit, learning about the cars more and how unique they are, also the process that goes into it,” Sewell said. “There’s a lot of people involved and it’s really similar to what I do, the environment that I’m in and it’s crazy to see that.

“Everybody plays a different role into the car, whether you’re the driver or the person that replaces the tires. Everybody is important though for that car to go fast and to have the fastest time, everybody has to be on their A game to do that.

“It’s the same thing as football. No matter what position you are, if all 11 are not on the same page we’re not going to win, so that’s kind of the comparison that I saw, and it’s really cool to see.”

Penei Sewell learned some lessons as a rookie

While speaking to the media, Sewell talked about the lessons he learned as a rookie in the NFL and how it’s time to go have some fun.

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“All the lessons I’ve learned in Year 1 were definitely important for me going into Year 2, the game was a lot quicker, I also took that year (2020) off so I kind of forgot the speed of the game a little bit, so I’m a lot more comfortable out there,” Sewell said. “I know the playbook more so I can play faster. I know the cadence so I can play faster. Everything is just experience, so now this year it’s just go out there and have fun.”

One thing is for sure, Penei Sewell and the Lions’ offensive line will be fun to watch this coming season if they can all stay healthy!


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