Penei Sewell says he is the ‘Dennis Rodman’ of the Detroit Lions O-Line

Penei Sewell has been everything the Detroit Lions hoped he would be and more, including switching positions during his rookie season.

When the Detroit Lions selected OT Penei Sewell with the No. 7 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Lions' War Room erupted in celebration as they knew they got a player who was going to be a force on the offensive line for a long time.

Fast forward to the present and Sewell has been everything the Lions hoped he would be and more, including switching positions during his rookie season when Taylor Decker suffered an injury.

Detroit Lions RT Penei Sewell says he would ‘die on the field' for his teammates

When you listen to Penei Sewell talk, it is very clear that he loves being a member of the Detroit Lions and during a recent interview, he explained just how much he would be willing to give up for his teammates.

“I’m not only playing for myself out there,” Sewell begins. “I love to play with a purpose. And my purpose is those guys in that locker room. I’d die on the field for my teammates. I’d honestly do that. I honestly say that. Because they mean so much to me. Those boys and the work we put in together day-in and day-out? It’s something you can’t replicate anywhere else to be honest. You’re coming into the building at 7:30 and leaving at 8 p.m. That man is putting in the same work you have while feeling absolutely shitty. Mentally and physically.”

“I’d die on that field with them.”

Sewell, who referred to himself as the ‘Dennis Rodman‘ of the Detroit Lions offensive line, clearly wants to be a Lion and he clearly loves his teammates and would do anything for them.

He is exactly the type of player Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes are looking to add to their roster because having a group of players who are willing to do anything for their teammates is the first step toward winning.