Predicting when Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery will return from injury

Predicting when Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery will return from injury.

Predicting when Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery will return from injury

When it comes to Detroit Lions running back David Montgomery, it's been a tumultuous rollercoaster ride so far this season. The Lions' rushing attack was rolling, with Montgomery leading the charge. However, an untimely injury in Week 6 threw a wrench into the works, leaving fans and the team eagerly awaiting his return.

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Montgomery's Stellar Start to 2023

Before his injury in the Week 6 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Montgomery was on an absolute tear. In just five games, he had amassed a stunning 385 rushing yards and notched six touchdowns. The Lions' rushing attack looked like it was going to be a major problem for anyone they faced until Montgomery went down with an injury.

Montgomery's Road to Recovery

The Lions' rushing attack hasn't been the same without Montgomery, and fans are understandably anxious for his return. On Thursday, Lions head coach Dan Campbell provided an update on Montgomery's progress, noting that he has been improving, although he was still sidelined for Thursday's practice. While the desire to see him back on the field is strong, the looming question remains: When will Montgomery be back in the Lions' lineup?

The Patience Game

With the Lions heading into their bye week after the upcoming Monday Night Football clash with the Las Vegas Raiders, it seems improbable that they would rush Montgomery back into action. While the urgency to get him back is palpable, risking his health for one game may not be in the team's best interest. Instead, it's more likely that they will continue to allow Montgomery to rehab, with the target of him returning in Week 10 when the Lions take on the Los Angeles Chargers.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Montgomery's Stellar Start: David Montgomery had an outstanding start to the 2023 season, amassing 385 rushing yards and six touchdowns in just five games. His impressive performance was reinvigorating the Detroit Lions' rushing attack and sparking hope among fans.
  2. Montgomery's Road to Recovery: The injury setback left the Lions and their fans anxiously awaiting Montgomery's return. Although he has been making progress in his recovery, the Lions' head coach, Dan Campbell, indicated that Montgomery would miss a recent practice, emphasizing the need for patience in his rehabilitation.
  3. Targeted Return in Week 10: With the Lions approaching a bye week after a Monday Night Football game against the Las Vegas Raiders, it's highly unlikely they would risk Montgomery's health for one game. Instead, the team's plan seems to be allowing him to recover fully, with a targeted return in Week 10 when they face the Los Angeles Chargers.

Bottom Line: Staying Patient

The road to recovery for David Montgomery is still uncertain, but one thing is clear: patience is the key. The Lions need their star running back at full strength to make a real push in the latter half of the season. As tempting as it may be to rush him back, it's important that the team stays the course, ensuring that when he returns, he does so at full throttle. The Lions' ground game awaits its fearless leader, but the wise move is to wait for Montgomery to return in prime form.