Predicting when the Detroit Lions will fire Matt Patricia

*Note: This piece is being written as the Detroit Lions trail the Carolina Panthers 17-0 heading into the fourth quarter.

For over two years, I have been begging for the Detroit Lions to move on from both Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn but for some reason, ownership has continued to believe Quinntricia would eventually turn things around.

Assuming the Lions will end up losing this game against the Panthers, who started a former XFL quarterback, the Lions would move to 4-6 with just six games remaining in the 2020 season.

So, the question is, when will Patricia be fired?

I do not believe the Lions would fire Patricia prior to Thanksgiving as that game is just four days away.

That being said, if the Lions drop this game to the Panthers and then their Thanksgiving Day game vs. the Houston Texans, I believe Patricia will be sent packing.

Of course, we are dealing with the Ford family and we all know how they are loyal to a fault, so who really knows?

Nation, when do you think the Lions will finally fire Matt Patricia?


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