Pro Football Focus has lost its mind – Quin ranked lower than Bears backup

The Lions often times get disrespected in the media. Everything from not giving them a chance to win games, to not recognizing when a player does well.

This episode of the Detroit Lions can't get any respect is brought to you courtesy of Pro Football Focus, courtesy of Lions safety Glover Quin and a third-year back up safety Adrian Amos. Pro Football Focus ranks Amos with an overall grade of 93.1, JUST above Quin's 90.2, and it includes edges in coverage (91.2 to 90.0) as well as run support (89.3 to 83.2).

Let's break down the stats, shall we? *Courtesy of Pro Football Reference

Glover Quin

Adrian Amos

Ignoring the fact that Amos is a 3rd-year backup – this year ALONE, Quin registers 3 INT to Amos's 1, 2 forced fumbles to Amos' 1 and has been in on 11 more tackles. Quin has started 100 games in a ROW, Amos hasn't even played in 50, not even bringing up the fact that the only reason Amos has even played any games at all this season is that Vet Quintin Demps broke his arm in week 3.

From Pro Football Focus:

“The play of Chicago's defense has been one of the surprises of 2017, and in particular their coverage has been a revelation, with third-year Adrian Amos having a career year so far,” PFF explained in the midseason All-Pro selection. “Amos has made big plays all season, including scoring himself on defense, and over the last month, in particular, has been spectacular.”

What does Quin have to say about all of this?

“Pro Football Focus, the way they rate things, they're going to give you tackles. How many tackles do you make inside of eight yards? Well, if I'm a free safety, I'm probably making none. If you're a strong safety, you're probably making a lot,” Quin said. “They're going to rate you on coverage. Well, if you're the strong safety, you're probably covering tight ends a lot. If you're the free safety, you're probably not covering them.”

Courtesy of MLive

While Quin chooses to take the high road on this, I think we will have to stand with Lions Corner Darius Slay on this one…

“What?” Lions cornerback Darius Slay said. “That's terrible.”