Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman clearly has NHL insider Pierre LeBrun confused

Who will be the head coach of the Detroit Red Wings when the 2021-22 NHL season begins?

Will Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman decide that current head coach Jeff Blashill is the right guy to lead this team into the future or will he decide there is a better option to take the reins moving forward?

That is a question we would all love an answer to and we like to turn to NHL insiders to try and get an idea about what Yzerman may be thinking.

Well, one NHL insider who admittedly has no idea what Yzerman is thinking or what he will do is Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic.

In a piece published on Monday, LeBrun took a stab at what will happen with NHL coaches who are on expiring contracts and Blashill was on his list.

No idea. I truthfully have zero sense of where this one is headed. A year ago, GM Steve Yzerman decided to pick up Blashill’s option for this season. Now the coach is up. It’s been a full-blown, organic rebuild in Detroit, and in that context, I feel like Blashill has coached the Red Wings to be pretty competitive on most nights and there’s been growth among the younger players. But honestly, you can see the merit on either side of whichever decision Yzerman makes: Blashill has earned the chance to stick around, I truly believe that, but it might also be time for a fresh voice as the rebuild enters its next phase. As I said, I have no gut feeling on this one.

Nation, what do you think will happen with Jeff Blashill? Will he be the Red Wings’ head coach in 2021-22?

What do you think?

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  1. Yzerman has NEVER criticized the job his coach is doing. Actually he has stated numerous times that Blashill has been doing his work as Yzerman has request. There is every indication that he will get a new deal and no indication from the GM that he has a replacement in mind. Bet on no coaching change and there should not be.

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