Red Wings’ Robby Fabbri suffers injury vs. Capitals

Can't catch a break: Red Wings F Robby Fabbri suffers injury and won't return tonight.

Robby Fabbri suffers injury against the Capitals and won't be back tonight.

He seems to be facing an unending streak of bad luck. Robby Fabbri, a forward for the Detroit Red Wings, has endured a disproportionate number of leg injuries throughout his career. In tonight's exhibition game at Little Caesars Arena against the Washington Capitals, Fabbri had to exit the match early and was noticeably absent from the bench. The Red Wings later confirmed that he was sidelined for the remainder of the game due to an upper-body injury.

Robby Fabbri suffers injury

Fabbri has suffered a pair of ACL injuries

Fabbri's injury history is indeed challenging. He has torn his ACL twice, the first occurrence taking place during his tenure with the St. Louis Blues and the second unfortunate incident happening while he was with the Red Wings in March of 2022. Additionally, he faced difficulties due to a lower-body injury that sidelined him towards the end of the previous season.

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He left tonight with an upper-body injury

In a departure from his previous leg injuries, Fabbri's current ailment has been classified as an upper-body injury. Regrettably, this injury has forced him to sit out the remainder of tonight's game, with no plans for his return.

Robby Fabbri suffers injury,Detroit Red Wings

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Red Wings forward Robby Fabbri has often been injured throughout his NHL career
  2. He's suffered a pair of ACL injuries in addition to another lower-body injury that kept him out of action near the end of last season
  3. He's left tonight's game against the Capitals with an upper-body injury and will not return.

Bottom Line: Best wishes to Fabbri

It's always disheartening to witness a player, particularly a pivotal contributor to the Detroit Red Wings lineup like Robby Fabbri, succumb to injuries.

We can only hope that this injury isn't a severe one and that he'll make a swift recovery, returning to the ice in no time.