Report: Aaron Rodgers trade to New York Jets ‘essentially done’

According to a report from Connor Hughes, from his understanding, everything that needs to be done is essentially done in regard to a trade that would send future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers to the New York Jets. Hughes noted that the sides have worked out what needs to be worked out and if Rodgers wants to be a Jet, then he will be a Jet.

“From my understanding on #Jets & Aaron Rodgers: Everything that needs to be done is essentially done in regards to a trade,” Hughes tweeted on Saturday. “Sides have worked out what needs to be worked out. So if Rodgers wants to be a Jet, he will be a Jet. Broken record, but … just waiting on him to decide.”

Aaron Rodgers New York Jets Green Bay Packers

Key Points

  • Report suggests that Packers and Jets have a deal worked out for Rodgers
  • If Rodgers wants to be a Jet, he will be a jet.

Aaron Rodgers meets with New York Jets

On Tuesday, Rodgers reportedly had a meeting with the New York Jets to explore the possibility of a trade, as shared by Trey Wingo. Although no immediate action is expected, sources say Rodgers is receptive to the idea of joining the Jets. Having spent his entire career with the Green Bay Packers and having secured four MVP awards and a Super Bowl victory, the quarterback’s future with the Packers is uncertain as he contemplates whether to stay or pursue a trade.

Bottom Line: The Ball is in Rodgers’ Court

The mere possibility of Aaron Rodgers departing from his long-time team is noteworthy, given his status as one of the greatest quarterbacks in history and a cornerstone of the Green Bay Packers for years. His departure would undoubtedly have a substantial impact not only on the Packers but on the league as a whole.

If Rodgers were to join the Jets, the repercussions could be significant. The Packers would suffer a major loss, as would their devoted fans. Moreover, his exit would shake up the NFL, as Rodgers is widely recognized as one of the league’s most talented and recognizable players. His openness to exploring new opportunities suggests that he is weighing his options carefully and seeking the best fit for his career.

Written by W.G. Brady

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