Report: Detroit Lions were believed to be interested in Colin Kaepernick

The Colin Kaepernick saga seems to have come and gone and as predicted, he has gone unsigned…at least for the time being.

Since Kaepernick’s workout, there have been conflicting reports about whether or not there is any interest in his services.

On report said Kaepernick’s lawyer suggested that there were two teams who were interested in his client post workout while another report insisted that not a single team has expressed interest in the former NFL QB.

On Tuesday, ESPN released a piece which goes through the entire timeline prior to and through Kaepernick’s workout and it mentions that his team believed the Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons were the two teams who originally contacted the league about working out their client.

From ESPN:

Given the lack of communication with the NFL for 10 months, and with only two hours to make a decision, the Kaepernick team felt strong-armed. This did not feel like a potential reconciliation. His team also did a little reconnaissance and believed the mystery teams to be Atlanta and Detroit, information it did not find particularly credible. It also made no sense to the Kaepernick team to hold a league-wide workout for just two teams. In three offseason free-agent cycles, Atlanta had never shown interest in Kaepernick; Detroit had lost quarterback Matthew Stafford to a back injury weeks earlier and instead of inquiring about Kaepernick was starting backup Jeff Driskel.

On Tuesday, while meeting with the media, Lions head coach Matt Patricia was asked about the report and though he acknowledged the Lions were at Kaepernick’s workout, he would not give further details.

Nation, what do you make of this? Do you believe the