Report: Houston Texans cheated in Thanksgiving matchup vs. Detroit Lions, could lose draft pick

Though they clearly did not need to do so as they won the game 41-25, the Houston Texans reportedly cheated the system on Thanksgiving Day against the Detroit Lions.

The incident, which took place during the fourth quarter of Thursday’s game, had to do with the Texans realizing they had 12 men on the field with one of those players faking an injury to save a time out.

From Pro Football Talk:

With eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Texans realized they had 12 players on the field on defense. Two players, A.J. Moore and Charles Omenihu, started to run off the field to avoid a penalty. Then Omenihu, realizing they were now going to be left shorthanded, just flopped onto the ground and pretended he was hurt. An official called an injury timeout and the Texans were able to get the right personnel on the field before the next play. The Texans weren’t penalized and didn’t lose a timeout.

Omenihu was obviously faking; he was shown on the sideline afterward laughing and not getting medical attention.

This is a blatant violation of NFL rules. In 2012 the Steelers and Emmanuel Sanders were fined after Sanders faked an injury, and in 2013 the league sent a memo to all 32 teams reminding them that fake injuries can result in “fines of coaches, players, and clubs, suspensions or forfeiture of draft choices.”

Nation, what do you think the NFL should do to make sure teams are not faking injuries to cheat the system?

What do you think?

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  1. The NFL isn’t real football anymore it’s an act, a show. They already know who the winner will be before Sunday even get here. Remember the Dallas Lions game when they flagged the Cowboys on a Pass interference and the Ref’s huddle up then picked up the flag for a No call. They knew if the Lions got that call the game was over for Dallas. That’s the Bullshit us Lions Fan’s Been dealing with for YEARS!!

  2. The player faking the injury should be not only taken out of the game but also the rest of the season without pay. Also in the locker room, make an honest man out of him with a hammer.

  3. At minimum fine the player and take away a 1st round draft pick. Who wants to watch a game were cheating is tolerated or who doesn’t care? Losers and cheaters – NOT how games nor life works. So much else is so corrupt everywhere can we at least have a semblance of rule following in the entertainment back door it’s frickin football for Pete’s sake. Simply be a winner follow the rules and pay fir it proper when those rules are broken. Like the way reality works.

  4. I have seen this plenty of times in the NFL. A few years back two N.Y. Giants fell to the ground at the same time with no one near them both clutching their knees. The NHL has a rule where both players would get two minute penalties and put opposing team up two men for two minute power play. The NFL could do something similar throw both players out, 25 yard penalty with automatic first down or automatic 3 points to opponent. But I’m sure that they won’t do anything.

  5. Cheated? From the headline it makes it sound like they recorded practices, or deflated footballs, or taped coaches on the sideline. This is a far cry from cheating, but you got me to click on the story so well done.

  6. Penalizes him and send him out off the building, if the coaches aware off what he did then he should get the same! I’re always been tough to be fare even if it causes you to loose. I’m not into football like that but when I see any sports cheating I gets upset. Which I sees lots in basketball.

  7. When the NFL starts holding the biggest cheaters in league history (that would be the New England Cheaters, coached by Bill Belicheat), then I’ll listen to piddling little stuff like this.

  8. Ban the team from the 2021 season. In fact why not just ban all 36 teams from the 2021 season. And fire the NFL Commissioner, all staff, all agents, all players, and all pontificating sports “journalists” and “broadcasters”.

  9. Take away a 1st round pick from any team that does anything like that. That’s total Bullshit to cheat the system that way. Change my mind folks. If you do your a cheater in every way possible. And fine them also, supposedly they have money to throw around.

    • It happens more than you think. A fine and a suspension is about par for the course. Anything like taking away a draft pick would require the NFL to look closely at all injuries to see if that player is faking it. They don’t have that kind of time.

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