Report reveals 3 teams that have had ‘recent discussions’ about trading for Deshaun Watson

On Wednesday, a report surfaced from the Houston Chronicle saying that the Houston Texans are in discussions with the Miami Dolphins about a trade that would involve QB Deshaun Watson. In fact, the report suggested that a deal could be done as early as this week.

A day later, another report has surfaced that says the Texans have actually had ‘recent discussions’ with three teams about trading for Watson. Those teams are the Dolphins, Eagles, and Panthers.

From The Athletic:

In addition to the Dolphins, the Texans have had recent discussions with the Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles, according to sources. However, the seriousness of those discussions — ranging from a casual conversation to actual trade negotiations — hasn’t been disclosed.

Nation, do you think the Texans will be able to trade Watson? If so, where do you think he will end up?

What do you think?

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