Report reveals what Eduardo Rodriguez wanted in order to waive no-trade clause

If the Dodgers would have been willing to pony up, Eduardo Rodriguez would not have invoked his no-trade clause.

Fresh information has come to light regarding the collapsed trade involving Detroit Tigers' lefty, Eduardo Rodriguez. The Los Angeles Dodgers had shown interest in Rodriguez ahead of the recent trade deadline, but the deal fell apart due to Rodriguez's no-trade clause. As per The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, to consider waiving his no-trade clause, Rodriguez demanded “financial and contractual enhancements”, essentially seeking an additional year on his contract at $20 million.

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Report reveals what Eduardo Rodriguez wanted in order to waive no-trade clause

Rodriguez's agent, Gene Matos, issued a statement defending the decision. “I negotiated a no-trade clause in his contract for a reason,” Matos said, pointing out the instability that trades can inflict on players' families. Despite Rodriguez being one of the best left-handed starting pitchers in baseball, Matos reminded us that the athlete is also a human who desires stability for his family. Unfortunately, despite efforts to make it work with the Dodgers, an agreement could not be reached within the limited time frame.

Key Points

  • Eduardo Rodriguez requested “financial and contractual enhancements” to consider waiving his no-trade clause.
  • Rodriguez's agent Gene Matos highlighted the importance of family stability in contract negotiations.
  • Despite attempts to reach an agreement with the Dodgers, the negotiations fell through due to time constraints.

Bottom Line – A Pitcher's Stand for Family Stability

The collapsed trade deal involving Eduardo Rodriguez shows the human element behind the glittering world of professional sports. It reiterates that athletes, even at the pinnacle of their careers, prioritize family stability and personal well-being over professional gains. This stance by Rodriguez, balancing his high-value skills with his family's interests, adds a more profound layer to the high-stakes game of professional sports contracts. With all of that being said, if this report is 100% accurate, Rodriguez would have been traded if the Dodgers were willing to shell out an additional $20 million.


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