Rex Ryan Does Not Mince Words After NFL Steals Win from Detroit Lions [Video]

Rex Ryan Does Not Mince Words After NFL Steals Win from Detroit Lions [Video].

Rex Ryan Does Not Mince Words After NFL Steals Win from Detroit Lions [Video]

In the aftermath of a contentious officiating decision that potentially cost the Detroit Lions a victory against the Dallas Cowboys, former NFL coach and outspoken analyst Rex Ryan shared his candid insights, vehemently criticizing the call and its implications. Ryan's comments, characterized by his typical directness and depth of football knowledge, shed light on the intricacies of the play and the broader issues of accountability and transparency within NFL officiating. His critique not only aligns with the general sentiment of the Lions and their fans but also raises important questions about the decision-making process in critical game moments.

Rex Ryan Rex Ryan Does Not Mince Words

Ryan's Assessment of the Situation

Rex Ryan, known for his forthrightness, didn't hold back in his assessment of the incident. He pointed out that the Lions' players, including quarterback Jared Goff and tackle Taylor Decker, executed their roles perfectly.

“The players did exactly what they were supposed to do,” Ryan said. “Every one of them. Right from Jared Goff going over and telling Decker, ‘Go report.’ He went right over there and reported, with that nod of the official. I think the official assumed 70 (Dan Skipper) was, because he was reporting all day. That’s a plan, by the way.”

Campbell's Pre-game Efforts and the Officiating Blunder

What further aggravates the situation, according to Ryan, is head coach Dan Campbell's pre-game efforts to clarify the play with the officials.

“Where Dan Campbell failed is that he assumed that the official would’ve got it right. Why? Because he went over it, specifically, with him before the game,” said Ryan. “That’s what you do. The officials come in, you go over every trick play scenario and all that stuff with the officials before the game.”

The revelation that Campbell detailed the play to the officials prior to the game only intensifies the frustration regarding the officiating error.

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Ryan's Call for Accountability

Ryan strongly criticized the tendency to shift blame onto the players, insisting that they executed their roles correctly.

“This is a huge mistake. But the thing that bothers me the most is that we’re putting blame on the players. Stop,” said Ryan. “The players did everything right. So quit blaming, quit covering somebody’s butt and tell it the way it is. Be a man and take responsibility. It’s BS. And this thing right here, ‘Oh it’s just a game.' Yeah, it’s a game that may very well cost them the second seed and possibly the first seed.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Rex Ryan's Critique of the Officiating Decision: Ryan highlighted the flawless execution of the Lions' players during the controversial play, pointing out that the fault lay not with the team but with the officials' erroneous assumption regarding player eligibility.
  2. Pre-game Clarifications Overlooked: Emphasizing the significance of Dan Campbell's pre-game efforts to explain the play to the officials, Ryan expressed dismay that these detailed clarifications were seemingly disregarded, leading to the pivotal officiating error.
  3. Call for Accountability and Transparency: Ryan forcefully argued against blaming the players for the mistake, calling for officials to take responsibility for their decisions. He stressed the significant consequences of such errors, particularly in terms of playoff seeding and the advantage of playing at home.
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The Bottom Line

Rex Ryan's comments add a notable voice to the ongoing discussion about the controversial call in the Lions-Cowboys game. His candid take reflects not just a personal opinion but a broader sentiment in the NFL community about the need for accountability and clarity in officiating, especially when the stakes are as high as playoff seedings and team morale.