Rob Gronkowski makes BOLD prediction about Detroit Lions TE Sam LaPorta

Rob Gronkowski makes BOLD prediction about Detroit Lions TE Sam LaPorta

If you have been paying attention to the Detroit Lions so far this season, you have certainly heard of tight end, Sam LaPorta. LaPorta may be a rookie, but he has looked like a seasoned vet through three games. Well, one person who is certainly buying the hype is former NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski, who recently heaped praise on LaPorta, declaring him a future NFL superstar with the potential to become the highest-paid tight end in the league.

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What did Gronk say about LaPorta?

In a recent appearance on the “Up and Adams Show,” retired NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski lauded Detroit Lions’ second-round draft pick, Sam LaPorta. Gronkowski expressed deep admiration for LaPorta’s natural talent and game instincts. He commended LaPorta’s ability to catch the ball on the run and highlighted his impressive rookie season, breaking the tight end record for most catches in the first three games. Gronkowski was especially impressed by LaPorta’s route running and football instincts, praising his ability to react on the field without hesitation. He predicted that LaPorta would eventually become the highest-paid tight end in the NFL and one of the best in the league.

“Just his instinct for the game, the instinct to be able to catch the ball. He can catch the ball on the run very, very well,” Gronkowski said. “Like I said a little bit earlier that he is definitely the steal of the draft. He’s got speed and he’s just savvy out there. He’s a savvy guy. And what’s impressive is, he’s only a rookie. I think he has beaten, if I’m correct, he has beaten the tight end record for most amount of catches in the first three games of a season for a rookie. I think he has 18 catches already. I mean, the guy is legit. He’s going to be the highest-paid tight end in about four years in the NFL and he is going to be one of the best tight ends in the upcoming years in the NFL. He’s just super, super savvy. He just has that football instinct.”

“Just the way that he runs his routes. He’s just very instinctive,” Gronkowski said. “That’s what you got to be. That’s what makes a good football player. It’s like he goes out in the field and he doesn’t think. He just reacts, you know? And obviously you’ve got to be a smart player, because he clearly knows the playbook inside and out, to be able to be a rookie and just go out there in your first game and have five catches just like that.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Rob Gronkowski’s High Praise: Former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski showers Detroit Lions’ rookie Sam LaPorta with praise, emphasizing his natural talent, instincts, and route running abilities.
  2. Record-Breaking Rookie: Sam LaPorta’s remarkable start to his rookie season includes breaking the tight end record for the most catches in the first three games, a testament to his instant impact on the field.
  3. Future NFL Star: Gronkowski boldly predicts that Sam LaPorta will not only become the highest-paid tight end in the NFL but also one of the best in the league due to his exceptional football instincts and promising career trajectory.
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Bottom Line – Gronk’s Crystal Ball

Rob Gronkowski’s endorsement of Sam LaPorta adds to the buzz surrounding the Detroit Lions’ rookie tight end. As LaPorta continues to shine on the field, his potential to become a dominant force in the NFL becomes increasingly evident. Gronkowski’s prediction of a lucrative future underscores the excitement and anticipation surrounding this rising star in the league.

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