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Rumor: 2020 Big Ten football season is a ‘No Go’


Report: Big Ten to announce big changes to 2020 football schedule

Original Report:

Before I pass along the rumor I just came across, I want to be clear that this is 100% rumor at this point and it should not be taken as any more than that. As always, at DSN, we do our best to keep our reading informed and we thought this was important to pass along. Hopefully, it ends up being false.

According to a recent message posted on MGoBlog, the 2020 Big Ten Football season is a “no go.’

Here is the full message. Like I said, hopefully, it is false and we get to see college football in 2020.

“Per a contact at the AD, I was texted – “It’s a no go.”

I asked him to clarify – He said, “As of right now, there is no path to the fall season happening.”

I asked for details and if it was still a possibility – He said, “Expect a statement next week from the B1G that everything is on hold, but the fall season is [as of right now] not happening.

I asked about the spring season – “Maybe, not discussed yet, still trying to pull off a miracle for the fall””

Written by Arnold Powell


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