Rumor: Detroit Lions attempted to trade D’Andre Swift elsewhere

As you have heard by now, the Detroit Lions have traded RB D'Andre Swift to the Philadelphia Eagles for draft picks. But according to a rumor from Jake Ellenbogen of Downtown Rams, Lions GM Brad Holmes attempted to trade Swift to the Los Angeles Rams before eventually making a deal with the Eagles.

D'Andre Swift Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • The Lions attempted to trade Swift to another team before sending him to the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • The Los Angeles Rams were the rumored team that Lions GM Brad Holmes contacted during the 2023 NFL Draft, but they declined the trade offer.
  • Swift's move to the Eagles presents him with a fresh start and an opportunity to make an impact on their offense. However, as he is entering a contract year, he needs to perform well to secure a solid contract.

Rumor: Detroit Lions attempted to trade D'Andre Swift elsewhere

According to the rumor, Holmes called his former team, the Los Angeles Rams during the 2023 NFL Draft to attempt to trade Swift, but the Rams declined. Instead, the Lions sent Swift to the Eagles.

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Bottom Line: Fresh start for Swift

Unfortunately, things did not work out for Swift with the Lions, and he will not get a fresh start with the Eagles. Swift is going into a contract year, so you can bet he will do absolutely everything in his power to stay on the field and make an impact on the Eagles' offense. If he balls out, he could land a solid contract following the season, but if he does not, he may just fade away.

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