Rumor suggests Carlos Correa to Detroit Tigers is a ‘done deal’

The Detroit Tigers are in need of a shortstop and for some time now, there has been plenty of speculation that they will attempt to sign the best one on the market, Carlos Correa.

Well, according to a rumor started by Michael Balko, an MLB insider has mentioned to him that Correa to the Tigers is a “done deal.”

This is obviously still a rumor at this point but it sure is an exciting one!

Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Rumor suggests Carlos Correa to Detroit Tigers is a ‘done deal’”

  1. I hope The Tigers sign Correa We need Him and Please don’t sign Verlander Scherzer Castellanos Or Any Ex Tiger We got rid of them for a reason All they are is Dead Weight and A Waste of Money Bring some New Blood in

  2. Detroit Tigers are getting fun to watch 2021 . Adding a catcher and now a starting pitcher one more pitchers and a short stop and with the help of God and with the whole organization behind them and hopefully getting all thier players still injured we will have a contender now and into future.


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