Rumor suggests Patriots and Packers are in talks about deal for Aaron Rodgers

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Could Aaron Rodgers be traded from the Green Bay Packers to the New England Patriots?

Well, according to a rumor from former NFL player Dan Sileo (he calls it a report), the Patriots have been talking to the Packers about making a deal for Rodgers.

Now, we would like to emphasize that we do not have any other concrete information on this rumor so it will remain just that until we do.

That being said, the way the Patriots have attacked free agency, it would not be surprising at all to find out that Bill Belichick is making a bid to land Rodgers.

19 thoughts on “Rumor suggests Patriots and Packers are in talks about deal for Aaron Rodgers”

    • why would Rogers give up what he has in GB. He wins many games but loses the big one and always blames management for not giving him help. Scenario of a true loser.

  1. I hope Aaron Rodgers is not traded. He is an anchor for the Packers, and is a Great player. The Packers would be foolish to let him go at any price.

    • 100% agree. Teams search high n low, often for decades, and will never find a QB on his level. Had GB been able to put together just a few more top 10 Defenses in the last 13 seasons they’d easily have another SB trophy. If they had done what Bilichek has accomplished (85% top 10 defenses in Brady’s tenure) Rodgers would have 3-4 SB’s and Brady would have 1-2 less. GB has catastrophically failed #12 and now they are trying to use Rodgers as their scapegoat for 2 generations of personnel failures.

      • Patriots Defensive rankings in SB years for Brady & Belichick.
        2001 – 13th, ’03 – 2nd, ’04 – 2nd, ’07 – 11th, 2011 – 30th, ’14 – 12th, ’16 – 16th, ’17 – 31st, ’18 16th.

        85% huh? They only finished Top Ten twice in their 9 Super Bowl seasons. But as we know, just keep repeating a lie and eventually it’ll become fact.

      • But is it possible that Rodgers salary is what prevented them from building top 10 defenses. Is it Rodgers that values money over rings? Both Brady and Manning took below market contracts to make room to surround themselves with talent. Will Rodgers do the same? Actions speak louder than words. His play on the field is stellar! But will he give up some green so that he can have a better team around him? That is the question. And if the Pats take on his contract, which only has 1 more year on it, then that means they think they have the supporting cast to get them all the way. After next year he hits the free market. What will HE do, will he auction himself off to the highest bidder, or will he seek a team he can win super bowls with, but accept lower pay to get that team? That seems to be how championships are won.

    • I agree with you 100% Aaron Rogers cannot go to the patriots she can’t go anywhere he’s got to stay with Packers

  2. Always Bellichecks plan. Rogers will get weapons with upgraded Patriots and will be treated like a king in Foxboro. Boom!

  3. Gutekunst needs a mental competency test if he trades Rodgers to anyone for anything – he better extend him before he makes the biggest mistake of his life – and btw , Love can’t play the position at the NFL level – he will never approach Lynn Dickeys numbers

    • A bit premature there. But I get your point. I’m getting the impression more n more that Gutes Pride is preventing this team from getting off their plateau. That QB choice was 1-2 seasons premature and the fact we gave up a 4th rounder and a 1st rounder for a backup is ridiculous. We likely lost a SB because of that decision. Really stinks of Pride.

  4. They better not ever trade Aaron Rodgers the man is a NFL marvel!!!!! He needs play makers behind Davante Adams and special teams that will take it to the house once month. The Packers are at the peak of the mountain they just need to hook up Aaron and things will happen.

  5. I think the packer organization should have fired Mark Murphy 5 years ago he doesn’t want to win a super bowl again while they have aaron Rodgers and Brian Gutenst should be fired too because he doesn’t want to win a super bowl with aaron Rodgers. They should have restricted davante adams a month ago and extended him for 5 years and restricted aaron Rodgers a month ago and extended him. I am tired of the packers never having a defense for the last 7 years and aaron Rodgers always padding his stats when the team has a lead in games.

    • The packers should have 4-5 Super Bowls . He’s unreal! I want my pats to do what ever it takes to get this guy . Belicheck will win 2- 3 more with Rogers on this team that is now totally stacked on offense and defense. Just need Aaron to get his ass over here

  6. I hope Aaron Rodgers does leave the NFC North it would make me the happiest guy to see him leave that way the Vikings won’t have to see him every year. A huge win for the patriots go for it pats. Im not a fan of either the packers or pats but i will jump up and down if the pats pull this off.

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