Scott Harris says it will take ‘organizational effort’ to fix Javier Baez

Will the Detroit Tigers president of baseball operations Scott Harris be able to help fix Javier Baez?

Scott Harris says it will take ‘organizational effort' to fix Javier Baez

In the world of baseball, players often find themselves in periods of performance challenges. One such player in the spotlight is Javier Baez, who, two years into a six-year, $140 million deal with the Detroit Tigers, is facing difficulties in regaining his peak form. This situation prompts questions about Baez's future and the Tigers' efforts to support him. During a recent interview, Tigers president of baseball operations Scott Harris talked about fixing Baez.

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Why it matters: Seeking Solutions for Baez

How can Javier Baez overcome his current struggles? Scott Harris, who witnessed Baez's exceptional performance during his tenure with the Chicago Cubs, acknowledged that Baez is putting in significant effort behind the scenes. However, the results on the field do not yet reflect his hard work.

Harris commented, “He is working really hard behind the scenes. I think there are some things we can change about the specific aspects he’s working on, making adjustments that can enhance his performance both at the plate and in the field. But we haven’t achieved that yet. We haven’t seen the best version of Javy. We are determined to make significant efforts this offseason. We have innovative approaches to share with him during the exit interview, new ways to support him. It's going to require a collective organizational commitment to help Javy.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Javier Baez, under a $140 million deal with the Detroit Tigers, faces performance struggles.
  2. Manager A.J. Hinch and Scott Harris are determined to help Baez improve in the offseason.
  3. Concerns arise as Baez's numbers have declined significantly, making his future uncertain with the team.
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Bottom Line: A Determined Effort to Revive Baez's Career

Javier Baez's struggles with the Detroit Tigers are undeniable, and the team is resolute in finding solutions to help him regain his former prowess. The upcoming offseason will be pivotal in reshaping Baez's performance, with the organization committed to offering the support he needs. While doubts persist about his future, time will reveal whether Baez can overcome his challenges and reestablish himself as a valuable asset.