Seattle Seahawks troll C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Detroit Lions fans following OT win [Video]

Seattle Seahawks troll C.J. Gardner-Johnson: Well, it sounded like a great idea. Maybe Amazon is going to have a lot of returns this week!

Seattle Seahawks troll C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Detroit Lions fans following OT win

If you were in a bubble for the entire week, and you traveled to Ford Field for today's game against the Seattle Seahawks, you probably wondered why in the world so many Detroit Lions fans were wearing blue ski masks. But if you have been following along, you are aware of the fact that C.J. Gardner-Johnson wore a blue ski mask out of the tunnel for the Lions' Week 1 matchup against the Chiefs, and he then encouraged Lions fans to do the same for today's home opener against the Seahawks. Well, following the Seahawks OT win, they trolled Gardner-Johnson and the Lions fans who wore the blue ski masks on Sunday.

Seahawks Seattle Seahawks troll C.J. Gardner-Johnson

What did the Seahawks do to troll C.J. Gardner-Johnson?

As you will see in the video below, following their 37-31 OT win over the Lions, some of the Seahawks hopped on Instagram Live to poke some fun at Gardner-Johnson.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Blue Ski Mask Mystery: If you were isolated from the outside world for the week leading up to the game at Ford Field, you might have been puzzled by the sight of numerous Detroit Lions fans donning blue ski masks. However, if you were following the lead-up to the game, you'd know that it was all inspired by C.J. Gardner-Johnson.
  2. Seahawks' Trolling Tactics: After securing an overtime victory against the Lions with a final score of 37-31, the Seattle Seahawks decided to have some lighthearted fun at C.J. Gardner-Johnson's and the Lions fans' expense.
  3. Social Media Banter: The Seahawks' lighthearted banter on Instagram Live serves as an example of the playful camaraderie and rivalries that often unfold on social media platforms in the NFL.
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Bottom Line: It Sure Sounded Fun

Wearing blue ski masks to today's game at Ford Field sounded like a great idea to many Lions' fans, but it seems to have backfired. Had the Lions pulled out the win, you can bet even more people would have bought a ski mask for the upcoming games. Instead, the Seahawks mocked everybody who wore a mask today. To the victors go the spoils.

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