Sherrone Moore Says Michigan Fans Should Get Used to Beating Ohio State

Sherrone Moore Says Michigan Fans Should Get Used to Beating Ohio State.

Sherrone Moore Says Michigan Fans Should Get Used to Beating Ohio State

With Jim Harbaugh's departure to the NFL, Sherrone Moore steps up as the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines, inheriting a team with a recent history of dominating their arch-rival, the Ohio State Buckeyes. Under Harbaugh's leadership, Michigan secured three consecutive victories against Ohio State, a streak Moore is committed to continuing.

Sherrone Moore named a semifinalist Sherrone Moore Says Michigan

What did Sherrone Moore Say?

Moore's promotion from offensive coordinator to head coach marks a significant shift in the Wolverines' coaching landscape, yet Moore's intimate familiarity with the team's dynamics and his firsthand experience of recent successes against Ohio State position him as a promising figure to uphold and advance Michigan's winning tradition.

“It meant everything, I mean just winning that game regardless of whether you're the head coach or the offensive coordinator, o-line coach, defensive coordinator,” Moore said. “It means everything, that's everything we work for all year.”

“That's the standard we uphold ourselves and that program and will continue to do so,” Moore said. “We know everything we do and we work for we're trying to beat them every single day. So it meant everything and that's the game we work for and was super excited for that moment for our players, for our fans, for the university to continue what we've been doing and we look to continue to uphold that standard.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Sherrone Moore was promoted to head coach of Michigan Wolverines, succeeding Jim Harbaugh.
  2. Michigan has beaten Ohio State Buckeyes in their last three encounters, setting a high standard for the team.
  3. Moore commits to maintaining the winning streak against Ohio State, emphasizing the rivalry's significance to the program.
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The Bottom Line – The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

As Sherrone Moore takes the helm of the Michigan Wolverines, the message to fans and foes alike is clear: the era of Michigan's dominance over Ohio State is not an anomaly but a new standard. Moore's pledge to continue triumphing over the Buckeyes not only sets a high bar for his tenure but also reinforces the rivalry's significance as the ultimate measure of success for the team. With a combination of deep-rooted passion, strategic acumen, and a commitment to excellence, Moore's leadership promises to write the next chapter in this historic rivalry, where the stakes have never been higher, and the legacy of victory is there for the taking.

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