SN Hockey Insider: NHL could be eyeing August playing dates

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Thanks to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the National Hockey League postponed all playing dates and issued a quarantine advisory for all personnel. And while ideas have been discussed about how to get the 2019-20 season back under way, no official word has yet emerged.

But could we soon see some light at the end of the tunnel? Quite possibly so.

According to TSN hockey insider Bob McKenzie, the NHL is reportedly considering playing games into late summer, even into August.

“Earlier (Tuesday), the National Hockey League did request from each of its 31 member clubs to provide available home dates for the month of August,” McKenzie said while appearing on “Insider Panel” on TSN.

This could pose a unique problem, however. There are several player contracts that are set to expire on June 30, the day before free-agency officially kicks off.

Regardless, this could be a bit of good news that hockey fans everywhere will surely be pining to see where it goes.