Steve Yzerman does Floyd Mayweather impersonation after punching Rob Ramage [Video]

Steve Yzerman may not have been in very many fights in his career with the Detroit Red Wings, but you are about to see that he was capable of floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee if needed.

Well, actually, as you will see in the video below, Yzerman stings like a bee and then floats like a butterfly against Rob Ramage of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Watch as Yzerman pops Ramage and then does his best Floyd Mayweather impersonation by ducking an incoming Ramage punch.

Steve Yzerman did not fight very often in his career

According to, Steve Yzerman was in nine fights during his career, with this one coming on December 5, 1992.

Teams Fought Against
Rank Team Total
1 St Louis Blues 3
2 Buffalo Sabres 2
3 Chicago Blackhawks 1
4 Tampa Bay Lightning 1
5 Quebec Nordiques 1
6 New Jersey Devils 1
Opponents Fought Against
Rank Player Total
1 Kevin Maguire 1
2 Chris Chelios 1
3 Peter Stastny 1
4 Ron Sutter 1
5 Rob Ramage 1
6 Doug Evans 1
7 Jorgen Pettersson 1
8 Jan Ludvig 1
9 Doug Smith 1

Back in 2013, Steve Yzerman told TSN's Darren Dreger that he is not in favor of fighting in the NHL.

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From MLive:

“Yes, I believe a player should get a game misconduct for fighting,” Yzerman told's Darren Dreger. “We penalize and suspend players for making contact with the head while checking, in an effort to reduce head injuries, yet we still allow fighting.

“We're stuck in the middle and need to decide what kind of sport do we want to be. Either anything goes and we accept the consequences, or take the next step and eliminate fighting.”

Yzerman's comments were a result of an incident when Montreal's George Parros was wheeled off the ice on a stretcher after slamming face-first into the ice during a fight with Toronto's Coltin Orr.

Parros suffered a concussion.
Nation, do you think hockey should be outlawed in the NHL?
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