Super Bowl Showdown 2023: Philadelphia Eagles Or Kansas City Chiefs

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Super Bowl Predictions

A.J. Reilly: So, speaking of football, we have a pretty big game this weekend. Yes. We got the Kansas City Chiefs squaring off against the Philadelphia Eagles and man, like I know, I went against them in our like prediction.

I had the Bills and the Eagles, but I have, I’m just pretty spot on with the Eagles all season was I not? 

Eric Vincent: Which makes your flip even weirder. 

A.J. Reilly: I know it does. 

Eric Vincent: I know it was terrible. This not a standard and then outta nowhere where Josh Allen just had sweetened nothings in your ear and you picked against them.

A.J. Reilly: You know, I know it, but I mean, I guess that’s what we do on this show. We should just call ourselves flip flop cuz you did the same with Sauce Gardner last week. 

Eric Vincent: Okay. Okay. 

A.J. Reilly: Right. I mean, we’re gonna. 

Eric Vincent: Your predictions were more egregious. Your predictions were more egregious than mine. I don’t wanna hear it. 

A.J. Reilly: I don’t think so. Not at all. But

Eric Vincent: I’ve been patient with Hutch all season. Excuse me. 

A.J. Reilly: You have been maybe, maybe unnecessarily so, but at the same time he still had a better season. Anyway. That is, that’s beyond the point. Let’s talk about the Super Bowl. Okay. We’ve got Kansas City Chiefs versus the Philadelphia Eagles. Should be a great game. 

Eric Vincent: Yes. Very excited. 

A.J. Reilly: You know, Patrick Mahomes is down an ankle. Which didn’t seem to really affect him terribly against the Bengals, right. He was still able to, you know, make a little bit of a move, and do what he needed to do in that game. However, I don’t really know who to even take in the, like, I hate to be against Patrick Mahomes. 

Eric Vincent: Yeah. 

A.J. Reilly: But at the same time, I’ve kind of been on the Eagles’ bandwagon all season long. 

Eric Vincent: Mm-hmm. 

A.J. Reilly: and would love to see Big Play Slay get a ring. 

Eric Vincent: Yes. 

A.J. Reilly: So what are your thoughts on the Super Bowl this weekend? 

Super Bowl Thoughts

Eric Vincent: Man, you’ve summed it up a lot. It’s gonna be a very exciting game. Um, I, I mean, my prediction came out. Right. I’m feel pretty proud about that.

A.J. Reilly: Yeah. You won. 

Eric Vincent: I feel like when your teams are not at the Super Bowl, you can kind of have any agenda, any reasoning necessary. We’re Detroit Lions fans, so for me, my agenda is purely on Patrick Mahomes taking down Tom Brady sooner than later, and he’s on a trajectory to do exactly that. So for that reasoning, I’m going with the Chiefs in this game.

I think their defense has played a lot better in these playoffs than people are getting them credit for. Chris Jones has been, one of, I think one of the five best players in the playoffs period. Sure. Like he’s been phenomenal. And they’re getting a lot of other help. They’re, you know, Frank Clark, they’re doing a lot of good things with their edge rushing.

Their secondary with Justin Reid has been playing a lot better, and I think it could be maybe a little bit of a problem for the Eagle’s offense. I mean, they have a good job of balancing, but I think the Chiefs do a good job of attacking right away and making their teams and their opponents play from behind.

But even if they don’t, Even on one leg, Patrick Mahomes has shown that he can handle adversity and still pull a close one out against tough competition. So I don’t know, I’m having a hard time picking against the Chiefs. I mean, the Eagles are the better team on paper, but I think the Chiefs are gonna be the ones that come out on top of the Super Bowl.

A.J. Reilly: Did you see Dan Orlowski all time quarterback ranking this week? 

Eric Vincent: Nuh uh.

A.J. Reilly: Yeah, I think it was, it would’ve been Thursday night, so all time rankings. 

Eric Vincent: Okay. 

A.J. Reilly: Tom Brady, number one. 

Eric Vincent: Okay. 

A.J. Reilly: Patrick Mahomes, number two 

Eric Vincent: over Joe Montana already?

A.J. Reilly: Yeah. Is that crazy? 

Eric Vincent: Yeah, it’s a little much, and 

I’m a Pat Mahomes slappy. 

A.J. Reilly: You’re talking about him supplanting Tom Brady and, and all that. I don’t think that’s going to happen. First of all, 

Eric Vincent: no, not, not that high. Mm-hmm.

A.J. Reilly: But all-time, this guy, he’s been in the league. I mean, I have to look it up, but he’s been in the league 

Eric Vincent: six years maybe.

A.J. Reilly: Yeah. Not long enough to be considered an all time. Now, is he great? Yeah, he’s a great quarterback. Is he in an elite quarterback? Yeah, he’s an elite quarterback. But when you’ve played 1, 2, 3. Yeah. Six years, really hard to, to consider yourself a all time great at this point. 

Eric Vincent: I agree. I agree. You gotta have at least 10 years to measure.

A.J. Reilly: Yeah. Potentially already a hall of famer. I get that, but 

Eric Vincent: for sure, for sure. 

A.J. Reilly: The second best quarterback of all time, like, okay, could he go, you know, could he further cement the case of Dan Orlovsky. If he goes and wins a second Super Bowl. Yeah, he could, but at the same time, like, I don’t know if the Chiefs can do it against the Eagles.

Eric Vincent: So you’re gonna go, you’re running back to the Eagles now 

A.J. Reilly: I am gonna flip flop. 

Eric Vincent: Whoa. 

A.J. Reilly: And then flop flip. That’s what I’m gonna do. 

Eric Vincent: This is Rich. Yeah, this is Rich. 

A.J. Reilly: Listen, I guess I just go wherever the tide takes me at this point. 

Eric Vincent: Mm-hmm. 

A.J. Reilly: But the reality is I’ve rode the Philadelphia Eagles except for one week when we picked in the playoffs. And I’m gonna go with the horse that got me there. 

Eric Vincent: Okay. 

A.J. Reilly: I’m gonna pick the Eagles. We’re gonna be split. You have, you have so far in our season long predictions in our season predictions you beat me. You’ve beaten me in the playoff predictions, so I’ve gotta at least salvage one win so I don’t get swept.

Eric Vincent: You can come, you can join me. You can pick the Chiefs for me. 

A.J. Reilly: Nah, I’m not going to. 

Eric Vincent: Come on man. 

A.J. Reilly: I do think Philadelphia, I think that they can create problems now. The key’s gonna be up front and, and you have the best offensive line in Philadelphia, in the league. 

Eric Vincent: Mm-hmm. 

A.J. Reilly: They’re going to determine how successful Chris Jones and Frank Clark and those guys are.

Eric Vincent: Yep. 

A.J. Reilly: If they keep those guys at bay and Miles Sanders can get going and Kenneth Gainwell can catch some passes outta the backfield and Jalen Hurts can get the feet moving a little bit, I think. I think it’s the Eagles game to lose personally as opposed to the Chiefs. 

Eric Vincent: Okay. Who are you picking for the Superbowl MVP then? Because they’re a very well-balanced team. It could go somewhere on the defense, like it’s a, 

Super Bowl LVII NFL Predictions Philadelphia Eagles Kansas City Chiefs

A.J. Reilly: it could go somewhere 

Eric Vincent: very high powered team. Who are you gonna pick? 

A.J. Reilly: You know what I would like, uh, this is a fantasy land, right? 

Eric Vincent: Yeah, of course. 

A.J. Reilly: But you kind of put me on the spot with this. So here’s what I’m gonna say.

Eric Vincent: Okay. 

A.J. Reilly: Darius Slay is gonna have a huge play in the game. 

Eric Vincent: A big play? 

A.J. Reilly: That’s going to lend big, play 

Eric Vincent: a big play you say? 

A.J. Reilly: A big play. I say, okay, that’s going to lend to him getting Super Bowl MVP. 

Eric Vincent: Wow. I like that. 

A.J. Reilly: You like that bull tape?

Eric Vincent: I, I do, I do. Okay. You could’ve went some, you could’ve went somewhere else in the defense, but you seem to push away from this guy in every slay possible.

I mean, it’s…that D line is pretty packed with Ndamukong Suh and 

A.J. Reilly: Nah. 

Eric Vincent: No, you don’t wanna give him the, 

A.J. Reilly: he’s already got his ring. I listen. I love Suh 

Eric Vincent: Oh, okay. Okay.

A.J. Reilly: And I, and I honestly wish that the Detroit Lions would’ve kept him around and I think that he got a terrible rap for no reason when he played. 

Eric Vincent: Totally. I definitely agree. I definitely agree with that. 

A.J. Reilly: Facebook memories will pop up every once in a while and there’ll be times that like I was on their defending Suh. Detroit needs the bad boys back. Yes. I don’t understand why everybody is so upset at this guy. He hasn’t really been like the whole, what was it, stomping on somebody’s arm that didn’t actually happen, but yet they made like this big median, like no, Suh was unjustly wronged in those narratives.

Eric Vincent: I remember, well, I think just before I came, and worked for you guys in 2016. I think I, I did a feature on CNN because they had partnered up with Bleacher Report and they were asking about Suh because I was doing coverage for the Lions. They’re like, oh, why do you think he did this, da da da, and I was the only media member defending him.

I’m like, I don’t think this was on purpose. It was when he kicked Matt Schaub in the groin and he’s looking at the ground. They’re like, oh, he clearly did it on purpose. I’m like, bro, he’s not a karate ninja. He’s not even looking at him. How would you just make that assumption? Like I, oh yeah. It was hard in defending him cause people looked at us like we were crazy taking Suh’s side but. It’s still love for him here in Detroit for sure. 

A.J. Reilly: But what’s interesting, and I think that we’re on the right path here, if the Eagles win and the Super Bowl MVP comes from the Eagles, it is going to be a defensive player that wins MVP. 

Eric Vincent: I wouldn’t be surprised. Yeah, 

A.J. Reilly: Suh, great option potentially. Slay, obviously that’s my choice. But then also Brandon Graham

Eric Vincent: Yeah. 

A.J. Reilly: Who’s a menace? 

Eric Vincent: He is. 

A.J. Reilly: And he’s a great player. 

Eric Vincent: Mm-hmm. 

A.J. Reilly: So I, I’m gonna go with the Eagles man. What, what would be a final score prediction? 

Eric Vincent: Who, uh, it should be high scoring, even if it is getting chiped. Like, I don’t think Mahomes is gonna have a flawless game. I do think he’ll throw a pick. Um, Maybe. Maybe So, uh, I’ll go 

A.J. Reilly: or he is gonna watch Beyond the Box and not target Slay at all. 

Eric Vincent: Yeah. Yeah. He’ll take our advice. Yeah he pays attention. Lock in. Shout out Big Play Slay. 

A.J. Reilly: Absolutely. 

Eric Vincent: I’ll go. Uh, I’ll go. 38-31. I’ll go 38-31 Chiefs. Yeah. Mm. I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go big on this one. 

A.J. Reilly: Okay. I’m gonna go 31-28 Eagles. Okay, last second field goal for the win. 

Eric Vincent: Whoa. 

A.J. Reilly: Those are always fun. 

Eric Vincent: Late games dramatics. There’s gotta be, 

A.J. Reilly: or a Harrison Butker miss to tie the game. 

Eric Vincent: Whoa. 

A.J. Reilly: I’d be okay with that too. 

Eric Vincent: Whoa. That is not what you want as a kicker. A miss in the Super Bowl?

A.J. Reilly: No, that’s not, 

Rihanna To Perform Half-Time Show

Eric Vincent: it’s gonna be great though, man. I’m super hype. I mean, there’s so many narratives. You can see a lot of guys that can help establish their narratives and create, their profiles for themselves. And then of course, my baby Rihanna coming out at halftime. Oh, Oh, Oh. I can not wait. She’s been in the hiding forever. I’ve been dying. I’ve been writing love letters for years on Twitter, and now we get to see her again. Oh, I can’t wait. 

Can not wait. 

A.J. Reilly: I hope that works out for you. I most likely will not be watching the halftime show. I 

Eric Vincent: what? 

A.J. Reilly: Just I don’t get into it. I know I’m boring. I’m not interested. 

Eric Vincent: All right. Let’s have fun then. Let’s have fun then. What is your dream Super Bowl performance? Or has it happened already yet? Do you have a halftime that you enjoyed or maybe that you wanna see at some point? Who’s your dream? 

A.J. Reilly: Last year’s halftime was phenomenal. 

Eric Vincent: I’m trying to remember who it was. I can’t remember who it was…. 

A.J. Reilly: Eminem, Snoop, Dr. Dre

Eric Vincent: Oh, of course. That’s what it was. Dr. Dre. Snoop. Kid. 

A.J. Reilly: That was pretty good. 

Eric Vincent: Okay. 

A.J. Reilly: I also liked the year that they had. Oh, it’s escaping me now, but, was it like Nelly, Aerosmith that was 

Eric Vincent: Oh yeah. 

A.J. Reilly: That was a huge one. 

Eric Vincent: Was a packed one. 

A.J. Reilly: Like back in high school, I loved Nelly. 

Eric Vincent: Yeah. I remember that. 

A.J. Reilly: Like that was a good one. Yeah. That was a, that was a while ago. I don’t know. I’m not big on performance. I’m not big on concerts. Like, I think Chris Stapleton’s doing the. The national anthem, which I think is good because I, he is a soulful, like country rock guy. Mm-hmm. , I like Chris Stapleton, but I’m not, it’s all over produced and it’s all just, gimme the football game.

Eric Vincent: It’s big theatrics, man. 

A.J. Reilly: You know, what, what was it the year, uh, did, did Beyonce and Jay-Z also do it the year that the power went off? Against the Ravens and the 49ers

Eric Vincent: I forgot who that was. Beyonce’s performed twice. Now, I think at this point, I don’t think it was with Jay-Z. 

A.J. Reilly: Beyonce was involved in that because of all the, you know, Illuminati talk.

Eric Vincent: Oh, I don’t know if we can say that on here, but Yes, I said it. That was the huge part. Lights cut off at half. What? Everybody was freaking out. 

A.J. Reilly: Yeah. Remember in the third quarter? Like they couldn’t get ’em back on after halftime and then it was like a huge delay and it like, 

Eric Vincent: and then sam Frank goes on a roll. Yeah, that was insane. I do remember that. 

A.J. Reilly: That was insane. So, I don’t know. I’m excited you watching it anywhere. As we wrap up, you watching it anywhere on Sunday, what are your plans? 

Eric Vincent: Uh, I might link up with the family. I probably go see it with my pops, just watch it. Um, I don’t do the whole Super Bowl party thing no more, I’m, this is not my thing anymore. You know, I want to keep to myself and be, you know, reserved. I’m 32 now, so I don’t, you know, I don’t need to do too much. 

A.J. Reilly: It’s like you’re old man. 

Eric Vincent: Yeah. I mean, you know, you are, how you feel. 

A.J. Reilly: I have a decade on you almost.

Eric Vincent: It should be good. It’s all good. What you going do? 

A.J. Reilly: Yeah. I got half a decade and it’s more like two decades. Cause I have three kids, so. 

Eric Vincent: Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. It adds on a couple more. Yeah,

A.J. Reilly: it does add on a couple more. Okay. But however, I, uh, I’ll be hanging out with some people doing, doing some things. For Super Bowl. It’ll be fun and the Eagles will win. Like I said last week as I signed off, go Eagles go, fly Eagles fly.

Eric Vincent: And the Lions will be in soon. And the Lions will be in soon. 

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