Sports Carnage Podcast: Michigan vs Michigan State

HATE WEEK IS HERE! So is the Sports Carnage Podcast. The rubber meets the road Saturday in East Lansing. 7-0 vs 7-0. The center of the college football universe. Something has to give. Listen to the podcast below. FOLLOW SPORTS CARNAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Twitter YouTube LISTEN TO US ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST PLATFORM … Read more

Sports Carnage Podcast: Will Michigan or Michigan State get caught looking ahead to the 30th?

Another week closer to potentially the best Michigan – Michigan State matchup we’ve ever seen. Is Paul’s arrogance about the Wolverines actually fear? (Ryan thinks so). Can either offense exploit the vulnerabilities of their rival’s defense? Why the hell are we talking about this game at all when it’s not for another two weeks? All … Read more

Sports Carnage Podcast: 5-0 Spartans and Wolverines, soon to be 0-17 Lions

It’s a good time to be a college football fan in the state of Michigan and a familiarly bad time to be a Lions fan. Are Michigan and Michigan State the beneficiaries of weak schedules? Will the Lions end up with the No.1 pick? Will we have any healthy offensive linemen in our lifetime? We … Read more

Sports Carnage Podcast: Can Cade save the Pistons?

Luck is finally on our side. The Detroit Pistons won the NBA Draft Lottery, and the right, nay, the PRIVILEGE to draft Cade Cunningham, the 6-foot-8 point guard out of Oklahoma State. But would you consider trading that privilege? The NBA Playoffs have been plagued with injuries to superstars. Is this the true year of … Read more

Sports Carnage Podcast: NCAA Tournament Breakdown

We’re here. What a journey it has been. 100 episodes of Sports Carnage. All the foul-mouthed, bizarre, homer, and hater takes through 99 episodes have been a catalyst for what Episode 100 is. A bonanza, extravaganza, and brouhaha of epic proportions to give our audience a chance in their work and family bracket pools. We … Read more

Sports Carnage: Michigan State’s huge upset, where do Mel Tucker and Jim Harbaugh go from here?

THIS. IS. SPARTAAAAAAAA. Well, actually it happened in Ann Arbor but you get the picture. Mel Tucker’s Michigan State Spartans went into the Big House and stunned Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan Wolverines in a 27-24 upset. There was no rain to blame the game on. No snap that Michigan had trouble with. This was a straight-up … Read more

Sports Carnage Podcast episode 54: Should Jim Harbaugh be fired?

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State

You know them fron the DSN post game shows. You love them from very far away so that your friends and family don’t make fun of you and they’re back this week! We are of course talking about the gentlemen from the Door Carnage Podcast. In this week’s episode they discuss the fallout from “The … Read more

New podcast – Sports Carnage #51: Who has it worse? The Lions or the Bears

Detroit Lions

The boys are back on the over the hill 51st episode of Sports Carnage! Dylan’s riled up about the Chicago Bears. The Detroit Lions benching all their best players on the final play of the game have Ryan, Matt, and Paul in a tizzy. Which NFC North cellar team has a more bleek future? Michigan … Read more

Sports Carnage Episode 11: SUPER BOWL EXTRAORDINAIRE – Super Grizzly Takes, Prop Bets, Matchups, MIP’s, THE WINNER OF SBLIII

The crew breaks down all the angles of Super Bowl LIII, Slurps on Tom Brady, picks their favorite Super Bowls, looks back on the Best Super Bowl teams EVER, forces Paul to take a stand on kneeling, gets mad about everybody stealing everyone else’s takes – except Matt because he’s too old, and just general … Read more

Sports Carnage Episode 10: Championship Sunday Recap, Dylan With Murderous Intent, Darrell Bevell in Detroit, Our Kareem Hunt Takes, Sports Frustrations, and Our Favorite Teams

The crew hits on all the Championship Sunday cliches, sees if Dylan can keep his head with Paul, has a great discussion about everything Kareem Hunt and whether the NFL should play judicial system, rips on whether Darrell Bevell means Same Old Lions, complains about the most frustrating things in sports, and explains their favorite … Read more

Sports Carnage Episode 9: Championship Sunday Preview and Examining When We’re Right and *GASP* Sometimes Not

The crew discusses the road to Championship Sunday, what comes next, and a new Grizzly Bair segment where the crew takes a look at where they’ve been on the money and where they’ve been way off mark.   Subscribe: PodBean OR Itunes Download this episode: PodBean OR Itunes

Sports Carnage Episode 8: NFL Wildcard & Divisional Round, Clemson Rolls the Tide, Tua vs. Jalen, and Grizzly Takes

The crew breaks down an anti-climatic College Football Championship, discusses an NFL Playoff field that looks like everything college was missing, debate the merits of “playing out the string” and when it’s time for the backup QB, bring back an OG version of the Grizzly Bair segment where everyone takes turns abusing Dylan, and of … Read more