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Unexpected Twist in Detroit Lions’ Kicker Saga at OTAs

The Detroit Lions may have their kicker for 2024.

Detroit Lions OTAs: Jared Goff and Hendon Hooker struggle

The quarterbacks struggled at Detroit Lions OTAs.

Detroit Pistons decide on new Team President

The Detroit Pistons have a new team president to work with Troy Weaver and Monty Williams.

Red Hot Detroit Tigers Look To Continue Their Roll Against Minnesota Twins

Preview: Detroit Tigers Vs. Twins

So Minnesota‘s coming to town and the Detroit Tigers want to keep it rolling. We have won three series in a row now and with the possibility of winning four series in a row, Minnesota has zero to play for. With all the aspirations they came into the season with.

They have zero to play for at this point. They’ve been eliminated from playoff contention and even from wildcard contention. As they should have been. They just have not been good enough all season long to make anything happen. But they are six and 10 against the Detroit Tigers this season. So let’s talk about the pitching matchups.

All right, On Friday and seven Ten’s gonna feature Joe Ryan against Drew Hutchinson. Ryan on the season 12 and 8, with 9 strikeouts per 9 innings. He also walks about three per nine innings with a two 50-ish bedding average on balls in. Got a three 70 era and a four 12 fit, which indicates that you know, he’s gotten a little bit luckier than, his ERA would.

Indicating he hasn’t pitched as well as his in the era would indicate He’s gonna face off against the, you know, ever steady, always gives him a chance to compete. Drew Hutchinson, who’s three and nine, strikes out close to about five and a half, 5.6 per nine innings. Walks almost four per nine innings. So that’s gonna be huge for him to be able to not hit that number in this game.

287 batting average on Balls and Play 454 ERA with a 492 fit. Game two on Saturday at six 10. Gonna feature Dylan Bundy against Tyler Alexander, Bundy on the seasons eight and eight with six strikeouts per nine innings. Almost two walks per nine innings. A 2 86 bedding average on balls in play.

493 era. 467 Fit and Tyler Alexander since he has been a starter or as a starter, this season is probably a better way to say that. He’s two and 10 with a 532 K per nine innings and 2.2 walks per nine innings. He batting average on balls and plays up at about 284. Very elevated era at 571. His overall era is lower because of his time spent out in the bullpen, but he has a 434 fit, and truthfully, he has been pitching a lot better than those numbers would even indicate, including throwing in six innings of no-hit baseball in Baltimore just over a week ago.

Hopefully, he can come in and continue to roll. Keep rolling as the graphic says because he’s been pitching much better on Sunday in the series finale and the final game with the Minnesota Twins. This season, Bailey O is gonna be taking on Joey Wentz over on the seasons two and three, strikes out about eight per nine innings, Walks almost two per nine innings, 2 95 batting average on balls in.

A 318 era, but a 274 whip indicating that he’s gotten a little bit more unlucky and could be very, very good against the Detroit Tigers on Sunday. He’s gonna be facing off against Joey’s wins. I almost wanna say bright spot for the Detroit Tigers at this point in the season.

Seeing him pitch as well as he has and the way that he can spin the baseball, get the ball up around the plate, and be effective at the major league level, kind of gives you a little bit of a different concept or perception of the deal that Avila did make for him.

I mean, we gotta give credit where credit’s due, as we talked about with Lynn Henning on Monday, right? The. The overall trades you. And the overall perception of Avila may change as time goes on. It was time for him to go, but Joey wins is definitely part of that. The good aspect of the trades that he made.

He’s on seasons two and two with a 739 K per nine. He walks almost three per nine. 241 betting average on balls in play, a 354 era, and a 347 fit. So pitching pretty consistently to the numbers. You just wanna see him attack the strike zone, going after hitters, making sure that he’s mixing speeds and really using that cutter and change up very effectively depending on, you know, the righty lefty matchup.

But when we talk about the twins, we wanna talk about the bullpen because the big trades that they made at the deadline to compete kind of failed. They went after and they went to Baltimore and they got Jorge Lopez, who with Baltimore had a 168 era, a 299 fit a 0.972 whip, and he struck out three batters to everyone walk that he gave up.

But Minnesota’s been a completely different story. A 5 0 3 era, a 459 f a 1.78 wi, which is nearly double what it was in b. He’s only striking out about 1.2 batters for every walk that he gives up. Fuller has been consistent. They also traded with the Detroit Tigers and got Michael Fuller and Fuller’s been consistent with the Detroit Tigers.

He had a 320 era with Minnesota. He’s got a 318 era with Detroit. He had a 322 fit with Minnesota. He’s got a 360 fit with Detroit. He had a 120 1.25 whip. And with Minnesota, he’s had a 1.50 whip. He’s actually striking out more batters per walk than he did when he was with the Detroit Tigers, but they’re contributing to Minnesota having the 20th-best bullpen in all of baseball.

Compare that to Detroit’s, that’s top 10. Their bullpen is struggling, and if you wanna win this series, you gotta get to that bull. They do have the 10th-best offense. According to fgo graphs, they walk 8% of the time. They only strike out 22% of the time and they’ve created 107 runs. Or they have 107 weighted runs.

Created is a better way to say that, about 7% above the major league average, and you wanna be above the major league average when it comes to creating runs. But they’re not a great fielding team. They’re the 19th best in all of baseball with a negative 15 ounce above.

Compared to the Tigers who are, the upper half of the MLB defensively, which may surprise people, Jonathan Scope is one of the best in a defensive run, saves, and outs against average, potentially looking at a gold glove, the bat’s not there, but the glove definitely, definitely is the goal here for the Tigers against Minnesota’s gonna be to take two or three, win the series, win your third series in a row.

Four series in a row, Baltimore, Chicago, Kansas City, Minnesota. Show the fans and show yourself that you can compete in the Al Central because 2020 two’s been tossed away. We’ve forgotten about it. We’re gonna forget about it as soon as that series in Seattle moves. But to end the season with three series wins against three division rivals would go a long way to kind of removing the stink that’s on this season.

And they can do it. I think they’re set up to do it as long as they keep hitting the ball well, and one key thing that they’ve done in this royal series that they need to do in this Minnesota series is when the ball’s put in play, you gotta turn it into outs. When you have runners on base, you gotta turn that into runs.

And the Detroit Tigers have been doing that better since the series in Baltimore. Again, I go back to, what I call the Scott Harris Effect. Everybody watched. Opening presser. Everybody is hopefully taking that to heart, so hopefully, they’ll go out of the season on a high note,

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Unexpected Twist in Detroit Lions’ Kicker Saga at OTAs

The Detroit Lions may have their kicker for 2024.

Detroit Lions OTAs: Jared Goff and Hendon Hooker struggle

The quarterbacks struggled at Detroit Lions OTAs.

Detroit Pistons decide on new Team President

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