Timberwolves Celebration is not a bad thing


Ryan and Matt of Throwin Stones discuss why they like Minnesota celebrating their wins

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Matt Bassin: Before we dive into the actual NBA playoffs, we've got to talk about Minnesota. We've gotta talk about their, Kobe-like over the Celtics, jumping on the scores table celebration after games, where Minnesota is just popping off. They're following the example of Patrick Beverley.

Obviously, Beverly wanted this win, he feels very disrespected by what happened with the Clippers and him being let go, he has not been quiet about that. He has not been shy about that. Before I give my opinion on where I stand on that. Where do you stand on the Timberwolves celebration? After one of the play-in games?

Ryan Griffin: I like it. I'm glad that these guys care. You just mentioned the rap that the NBA players get for good reason for the regular season where a lot of the games don't matter, or a lot of them don't care. I like seeing that they care. Was it over the top? Yeah, probably, but it's no different than a baseball team, when they win a wild card or something, at least to me, you win the wild card, and you start popping champagne.

Again, we just talked about college. You win a game to go to the sweet 16 and now you're going crazy. So to me, it's the same thing. It's different for different teams too. I know Minnesota hadn't been to the playoffs in a while and last time they were there, they were the eighth seed, and they got smashed.

I liked it. I wanted to find a way to make fun of it. Cause at the moment I did think it was like ridiculous and silly, but I'm glad to see that these guys care and I think it’s fun. 

Matt Bassin: I agree. I'm glad to see these guys care. They took it a little too far as well. Let me back up, Patrick Beverley took it a little too far. The Timberwolves,  I didn't see too much out of them, but Beverly definitely had a whole bunch of vitriol coming out of his mouth versus his former team, but, “take they asses home and all that long flight to LA…” and all that stuff. Little much on that one, but it's Patrick Beverley.

That's what you get from him. That man has a mouth on him and he's gonna use it. But I agree. I like that they care. In the beginning, they were celebrating it with their fans, and so that I like to see, I like to see them engaging the fan base, no matter what the team is for the most part, except for Boston and maybe San Antonio, and maybe Chicago.

But for the most part, I like to see the teams, ingratiating the fans into it, celebrating with them. I'm more on the JJ Redick side of the argument than I am on the other side. 

Ryan Griffin: Yeah. I think that was the stupidest thing that I saw was Pat Bev and he's crying and whatever that's fine. That's one that you can analyze “ah, maybe too far.” But then they showed a picture of like Karl-Anthony Towns kissing his girlfriend. It was like he could have done that after a regular game. And it wouldn't have been too much. So I think people were hating to hate. 

Matt Bassin: Yeah, I get it. I get it.

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