Top 20 Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

What are your favorite Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023?

Top 20 Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

Are you a die-hard Detroit Lions fan gearing up for your fantasy football draft? Look no further! We've got the coolest, most hilarious team names just for you. Let's kick off this roaring list and ensure you've got the purr-fect name that represents your Lions' pride!

Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Team Names

Take Your Pick!

  • Kneecap Nibblers – Our nod to Dan Campbell‘s iconic comment with a comedic twist!
  • Soup-er Bowl Bound – Blending Campbell’s soup with our championship dreams.
  • Goff-ee Breaks – Because sometimes Jared's play makes the opponents need a caffeine boost.
  • Jared's Jiggy Jams – Dance it out every time Goff gets a touchdown!
  • Jameson’s Gamblin' Jamboree – A light-hearted salute to Williams' gambling adventures.
  • Jameson's Jackpot – A nod to Williams' controversial gambling issue
  • Bet Ya Can't Beat Williams – It's a dare and a joke rolled into one!
  • Sun God's Sunny Side Ups – Celebrating Amon-Ra's impeccable catching skills… and breakfast.
  • Amon-Ra and The Chocolate Factory – Because every catch he makes is golden.
  • Lion Around the Field – When the opposition thinks we're just lazing, but we're strategizing!
  • Brad's Bad Boys – Because every villain needs his squad.
  • Gibbs’ Giggling Gallops – Fast feet and even faster to a chuckle with Jahmyr.
  • LaPorta Potty Points – Sam LaPorta, making a splash in more ways than one.
  • Holmes Alone – When our GM feels like he's in a comedic home defense movie.
  • Goff the Grid – For the times Jared surprises everyone with an unexpected pass.
  • Holmes’ Hilarious Heists – Celebrating the GM's ability to snatch the best deals and players.
  • Blue & Silver Blitz Brigade – Highlighting the Lions' iconic colors and defensive prowess.
  • Amon-Ra's Touchdown Illuminati – Celebrating Amon-Ra St. Brown's standout catches.
  • Holmes' Villainous Victory – A nod to GM Brad Holmes' self-proclaimed “Villain” status.
  • Motor City Maulers – A classic for any Detroit fan.
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Bottom Line: Discovering the Ideal Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Team Name

Choosing the perfect fantasy football team name is essential. And, when you're a fan of the Detroit Lions, it's even more crucial to get it right. Whether you're rooting for our veterans like Jared Goff or cheering on our rookies like Jahmyr Gibbs, this list of “Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Team Names” is sure to have something that captures your Lions spirit. Now, let's roar our way to victory!