Happy birthday, Hank: Top 5 Henrik Zetterberg goals

Trying to narrow down a list of amazing Henrik Zetterberg goals down to just 5 was really difficult to do. Over his great career, Hank has scored some of the most memorable goals in Detroit Red Wings history, especially in crucial situations. Here is my attempt at narrowing his extensive collection of goals down to 5.

#5 – A falling, spinning backhand goal against the Avalanche


#4 – One of the many Forsberg-esque shootout goals that Hank buried



#3 – Memorable goal to force a game 7 against those pesky Ducks



#2Watch Z undress new teammate, Brad Richards on the first shorthanded goal


#1While it wasn’t pretty, this goal by Zetterberg ended up being the game-winning goal for the 2008 Stanley Cup Championship!