UDrinkIMake – Small Business Friday 2022

Today’s spotlight for Small Business Friday is UDrinkIMake. With experience in the Bartending Industry since 2005, UDrinkIMake is recognized across the industry as an innovator.
UDrinkIMake Small business friday

Today’s spotlight for Small Business Friday is UDrinkIMake. With experience in the Bartending Industry since 2005, UDrinkIMake is recognized across the industry as an innovator. In addition to extensive mixology work, their experience includes menu consulting and original recipe creation. UDrinkIMake is currently based in Detroit, Michigan but they’re often on the road meeting industry professionals or discovering the latest trends and flavors as far as San Francisco, CA.

Being one of the originators of the Mobile Bartending Boom in the Metro Detroit area, they pride themselves on being ahead of the industry. They are the innovators in the adult beverage service industry across the nation. They are where Signature Beverages, Social Media, & Mobility Collide!

From signature mixers to Bar toolkits, to being involved in events for you like bartending services, event staffing, and even stuff for kids like a cupcake experience. They got you covered. Visit www.udrinkimake.com

About The Brand

UdrinkImake,Small Business Friday
Proprietor Mary Harvin

Hi everyone, welcome back to UdrinkImake. Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Mary Harvin. I am the Proprietor of UdrinkImake (U Drink I Make). We are the Celebrity Mobile Bartenders! UdrinkImake is where social media, signature beverages & mobility collide! As one of the leading bartending services in the Metro

Detroit area, we have a responsibility to stay ahead of the bartending game by staying trendy & current, as well as professional & dependable. In our rise to the top and our concentration on providing social media services, my role as Proprietor has quickly expanded to Digital Creator.

As a Digital Creator, I have the opportunity to work with nationally known brands, which leads me & my company to a land of endless potential. The direction we are heading in is a wonderful lane to be in. We started by providing each client who booked our services with a complimentary Social Media Experience! Our Social Media Experience is unlike any other.

We create reels, share stories, go live, and make TikToks, Snapchats & more to highlight our clients. We provide this service before the event, during & after. This has been the key to spreading the word and quality of an UdrinkImake Experience.

The goal is to one day provide services & be the exclusive bartending service provider to many stars such as P. Diddy, Cardi B, Jay-Z & Beyoncé, Oprah, & Kanye just to name a few. We have already provided services at events with great stars such as Kandi Buruss, Mike Epps, Karlie Redd & more! The six years we have been in business have truly been amazing!

As we reach the halfway mark towards year seven in business, I am learning to lean on our social media presence to expand our services. We have new virtual events on the way, products that you may see in a store near you, as well as products available online to be shipped right to your door. I have so many new things in the works, however, I have learned to keep some things to myself until it’s time to unveil them. You will just have to keep watching & waiting for our next move! Stay tuned!

Where To Find UDrinkImake

Facebook: UdrinkImake

TikTok: @udrinkimake

Instagram: @udrinkimake

Snap Chat: @udrinkimake

YouTube: Mary Harvin UDrinkIMake

Amazon Contributor: UDrinkIMake

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