Urban Meyer throws shade at Michigan, Wolverines proceed to make him eat his words

Urban Meyer throws shade at Michigan: It's always nice when Urban is made to look like a complete fool.

Urban Meyer throws shade at Michigan, Wolverines proceed to make him eat his words

Before No. 2 Michigan took on Nebraska, the disgraceful Urban Meyer used his platform on Big Noon Kickoff to criticize the Wolverines' schedule. He suggested that a weak schedule could hinder a team's growth and expressed confidence in Nebraska's ability to keep the game competitive.

Urban Meyer Urban Meyer throws shade at Michigan

What did Urban Meyer say?

Here is what the former Ohio State head coach had to say about the Wolverines playing an easy schedule up to this point.

“The Wolverines have played a schedule that is not very good,” Urban Meyer said of the 2023 Michigan football schedule. “You play bad schedules — I’ve been there before. You just don’t get better. If you’re the same team you were in September that you are in October, you’re not a very good team. I believe in Matt Rhule. I believe in Nebraska.”

“We saw, they should have beat Minnesota,” Meyer continued. “If you don’t turn the ball over (against Colorado) a couple weeks ago, they’re right in that game. Don’t turn the ball over, let that 3-3-5 defense play, they’ve got good players on defense. I think it’s going to be a close game in Lincoln.”

Michigan Claps Back

However, Michigan had a different plan, leading 28-0 at halftime, (35-0 after three quarters) effectively silencing Meyer's pregame remarks. Meyer's predictions didn't align with the on-field reality, and Michigan appeared to be hitting its stride under Jim Harbaugh‘s guidance.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Urban Meyer criticizes Michigan's football schedule on Big Noon Kickoff.
  2. Michigan takes a commanding 28-0 lead against Nebraska at halftime.
  3. Meyer's predictions contrast with the Wolverines' strong performance, highlighting the unpredictability of sports.

Bottom Line – Actions Speak Louder

In the world of sports, actions often speak louder than words, and Michigan's dominant performance against Nebraska reinforced this notion. Urban Meyer's critiques added an extra layer of intrigue to the game, but the Wolverines backed up their prowess on the field. Urban should go back to worrying about his Buckeyes. Oh, and figuring out which college campus bar he will go to tonight.