Viral Video Shows Matthew Stafford talking smack to Kerby Joseph after big hit

Viral Video Shows Matthew Stafford talking smack to Kerby Joseph after HUGE hit.

Viral Video Shows Matthew Stafford talking smack to Kerby Joseph after big hit

Detroit Lions safety Kerby Joseph has found himself at the center of a contentious debate following a huge hit during Sunday's Wild Card Playoff win over the Los Angeles Rams. The incident in question: a low hit on Rams tight end Tyler Higbee. This moment, captured in the heat of a high-stakes game, has ignited conversations around tackling techniques and player welfare. Now, a video from the game has emerged showing Matthew Stafford talking trash to Joseph following the hit.

Matthew Stafford talking smack to Kerby Joseph

What Did Matthew Stafford Say to Kerby Joseph?

A video has emerged that features Stafford mic'd up and calling Joseph a dirty player.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! That’s a good hit,” Stafford said. “That’s a good hit, you’re dirty as [expletive] though and you know it. You’re dirty as [expletive]. It’s been on tape. I’ve seen it. Hey, it’s been on tape.”

Dan Campbell Defends Joseph

On Wednesday, Dan Campbell defended Joseph.

“That’s how we play football here. Just keep your head up, see what you hit. That’ll always be what I tell Kerby,” Campbell explained. “Just keep your eyes up so you don’t hit on the crown of your helmet. You hit a spine, you mess yourself up there. Just see what you hit. But no, he was going for the thigh board, staying away from the head. That’s how we play defense here. We're not dirty, just, we hit.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Stafford's Accusation: In a video clip, Matthew Stafford, former Detroit Lions and current Los Angeles Rams quarterback, is heard accusing Lions safety Kerby Joseph of being a dirty player. Stafford's comment came after Joseph's controversial low hit on Rams tight end Tyler Higbee during the Wild Card Playoff game.
  2. Campbell's Defense of Joseph: Detroit Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell came to Joseph's defense, emphasizing the team's approach to clean and strategic play. Campbell stated that Joseph aimed for the thigh board to avoid a high hit, aligning with the team's policy of avoiding hits to the head and playing a clean game.
  3. Controversial Hit Sparks Debate: The incident involving Joseph's hit on Higbee has sparked a wider discussion on tackling techniques and player safety in the NFL. The debate highlights the fine line between aggressive play and player welfare, a topic of ongoing relevance in the league.

Bottom Line

The controversy surrounding Kerby Joseph's hit in the Lions' playoff victory against the Rams underscores the complexities of NFL's physical nature and the fine balance between aggressive defense and player safety. While Matthew Stafford's accusation brought attention to the contentious play, Dan Campbell's defense of Joseph's tactics reflects a team committed to a strategic and responsible approach to football.

This incident not only highlights the ongoing debate about tackling techniques in the NFL but also serves as a reminder of the continual need for clarity and player education on safe yet effective defensive strategies in the sport.