What a Gesture: Nick Castellanos gifts custom bats to Little League World Series team

What a moment for these kids after Nick Castellanos gifts custom bats for the whole team!

What a gesture as Nick Castellanos gifts custom bats to the Media, PA Little League World Series Team

While the Media, PA Little League's team run to the World Series came to a disappointing end, Nick Castellanos of the Philadelphia Phillies made it all worth while with a special gift of custom-made bats from Chandler Bats, an American manufacturing company based in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Nick Castellanos gifts custom bats

The Phillies and Nationals played as part of the 2023 MLB Little League Classic

For those looking for more information on the annual event, take a look below at a brief description of the festivities from the first edition that took place in 2017.

“The inaugural MLB Little League Classic launched successfully in 2017 with Major Leaguers from the Pittsburgh Pirates & St. Louis Cardinals spending time with Little Leaguers in a full, fun day-long celebration of baseball. Upon arrival in Williamsport, players from the teams took in the sights, sounds and action of the Little League World Series. That evening, they were able to demonstrate their skills and inspire the attentive Little Leaguers at Bowman Field. There was a winner for each MLB game, but what mattered most that entire day is that a bond was formed between all those who participated – no better evidence than the handshake line that the Major Leaguers formed following each of the contests.”

Nick Castellanos delivered an amazing parting gift

It was Nick Castellanos who made everything worth while for the youngsters of the Media Little League team, delivering custom bats for everyone on the squad:

Another great moment featured slugger Bryce Harper giving them a pep talk despite the loss:

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The MLB Little League Classic took place recently, with the Phillies and Nationals taking on one another
  2. Phillies slugger Nick Castellanos came through with a special gift for the Media, PA Little League team
  3. Castellanos delivered custom made bats for the entire team, who also received a pep talk from Bryce Harper

Bottom Line: Castellanos paid it forward

It's always a great moment when professional athletes pay it forward by delivering an incredible moment to a young team who are dreaming of being in his shoes one day that they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

For Nick Castellanos, this was such a moment. Well done!