Why Brad Holmes believes in Detroit Lions K Riley Patterson

Find out why Brad Holmes believes in Detroit Lions K Riley Patterson. Do you believe Patterson is the right man for the job?

Why Brad Holmes believes in Detroit Lions K Riley Patterson

While speaking to the media on Friday, Brad Holmes, the General Manager of the Detroit Lions, expressed unwavering confidence in kicker, Riley Patterson. The backdrop to this affirmation was Patterson’s not-so-stellar performance in the late preseason games and buzzing rumors that the Lions might be exploring the trade market for kickers.

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What Did Brad Holmes Say About Riley Patterson?

Holmes stood firm in his stance, emphasizing Patterson's ability to maintain calm during intense game situations. Drawing attention to Patterson's stable demeanor, Holmes mentioned, “What I know about Riley is he’s got a very low heart rate when it comes to game time.”

“What I know about Riley is he’s got a very low heart rate when it comes to game time,” Holmes said. “His confidence is high, so I’m not too concerned because I know who he is as a person, so hope for the best. You kind of saw the kick in Carolina where it was probably a little bit outside of his range of kind of what he normally is, but within his range, I mean just look at the data on him in games and in critical situations, he’s been pretty good, so I feel good about it.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions General Manager Brad Holmes recently vouched for the team's kicker, Riley Patterson, emphasizing his trust in him despite some inconsistent performances during the preseason.
  2. Rumors hint at the Lions' potential interest in the kicker trade market, yet Holmes' remarks underline a deep-rooted belief in Patterson's calm and collected game-time demeanor.
  3. Citing specific instances, like the challenging kick in Carolina, Holmes points out that Patterson's overall game data, especially in critical situations, reveals a dependable player.
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Bottom Line: Confidence Beyond Stats

While a player's statistics and performance on the field are crucial, the essence of a team lies in its morale, spirit, and belief system shared amongst its members. Holmes' statement about Patterson resonates beyond just numbers. It's a testament to Holmes' belief in the individual's potential and character. Patterson's recent performances might have raised eyebrows, but in the world of sports, faith in a player’s core temperament often carries more weight than momentary lapses.

For Holmes, Patterson’s in-game composure is that coveted trait that makes him valuable. Let's just hope the Lions' GM is correct because if the Lions are trailing by a field goal or less with three seconds left on the clock, and Patterson has to hit a 55-yard field goal, things could get dicey.

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