Why Detroit Lions rookie DT Brodric Martin has not been playing

Find out why Detroit Lions rookie DT Brodric Martin has not been playing.

Why Detroit Lions rookie DT Brodric Martin has not been playing

When the Detroit Lions selected DT Brodric Martin in the 2023 NFL Draft, there were many who wondered what GM Brad Holmes was doing. Prior to the start of the season, Holmes talked about how the pick was made for the future and not necessarily the now, but that Martin had already been impressing him and the Lions coaching staff.

“When we acquired Brodric, it wasn’t about what he was right now. … He has so much upside that we just knew he’d have a bright future. But it’s clicking a little bit earlier than we thought,” Holmes said.

Despite things “clicking” for Martin earlier than expected, he has only played in one game for the Lions so far this season.

Brodric Martin Detroit Lions Brad Holmes Why hasn't Brodric Martin played? Detroit Lions DC Aaron Glenn explains Why Detroit Lions rookie DT Brodric Martin has not been playing

What did Aaron Glenn Say About Brodric Martin

Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn recently provided insights into Martin’s development. Glenn highlighted that the transition from college to the NFL has been challenging for Martin, particularly in mastering hand techniques essential for his position. However, there’s a silver lining as Martin shows improvement in practice, dedicating time before and after sessions to hone his skills.

“Man, just coming from where he did in college and understand exactly how he has to play in this league (NFL),” Glenn stated. ‘The one thing I think that he had an issue with early is just being able to use his hands and understand how to use his hands. And man, I tell him in practice, he’s doing a really good job of that. I mean before practice, after practice, those are the things that Brodric is doing a really good job of to get himself on the field.”

Glenn also emphasized the importance of lateral agility for defensive linemen, an area where Martin is diligently working to improve.

“And then other than that, man, I’m a big believer in D-linemen being able to have lateral agility and he’s working his butt off trying to work on those things too.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Brodric Martin has been mostly inactive this season, playing in just one game.
  2. Improvement is needed in hand techniques and lateral agility as per Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn.
  3. The upcoming game against Chicago is critical for assessing Martin’s development.

The Bottom Line – Patience Pays Off

Brodric Martin's story is a testament to the complexities and challenges that rookies face in the NFL. His developmental journey is far from over, and it serves as a crucial reminder that talent alone isn't enough at the professional level. It requires technical refinement, adaptability, and continuous learning. The Detroit Lions' decision to focus on Martin's long-term development, rather than rushing him onto the field, may well pay dividends in the future. As with many things in the NFL, patience and persistence are key, and Martin’s journey is one to watch in the coming seasons.