Why Mohamed Ibrahim is back with Detroit Lions

Why Mohamed Ibrahim is back with Detroit Lions: Ibrahim was recently cut and now he is back.

Why Mohamed Ibrahim is back with Detroit Lions

According to reports, Mohamed Ibrahim, the undrafted rookie running back from the Univerisity of Minnesota, has rejoined the Detroit Lions after going unclaimed on the waiver wire. After being waived due to an injury by the Lions over the weekend, he found no takers among the other 31 NFL franchises, leading him to be placed on the Lions' injured reserve list.

Mohamed Ibrahim 2023 Detroit Lions Training Camp Battles Why Mohamed Ibrahim is back with Detroit Lions

What This Means for Ibrahim and the Lions

This move typically signifies the end of a player's season, but there's a twist in the tale. If Ibrahim agrees to an injury settlement, there's a potential pathway for him to sign with another NFL team or, intriguingly, make a return to the Lions, albeit directly onto their active 53-man roster. The catch? This could only happen three weeks post the injury settlement period culmination. If he remains on injured reserve, his 2023 season would officially be over.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Mohamed Ibrahim is back with the Detroit Lions after being waived due to injury.
  2. Being unclaimed by other teams means he's now on the Lions' injured reserve.
  3. Ibrahim has the choice of an injury settlement, offering a potential return to the Lions' active roster or another team.
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Bottom Line: NFL's Tangled Web of Injuries and Comebacks

For Mohamed Ibrahim, this injury isn't just a physical setback but could significantly alter his career trajectory. Waivers and injury settlements are intricate processes that determine whether a player gets another shot at showcasing their skills or has to remain benched. Ibrahim's situation, while not unique, does shine a light on the resilience and patience required when being injured in the NFL.


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