Why the Detroit Lions MUST win Super Bowl LVIII

Why the Detroit Lions MUST win Super Bowl LVIII: Next year may be too long to wait.

Why the Detroit Lions MUST win Super Bowl LVIII

The Detroit Lions have ignited a spark in Motown, and the fire is burning brighter than ever. After their resounding 42-24 victory over the Carolina Panthers in Week 5, the Lions find themselves sitting atop the NFC North with a sparkling 4-1 record. While winning the division and hosting a playoff game is a commendable goal, it's time to set our sights higher—much higher. The Detroit Lions must aim to WIN Super Bowl LVIII.

Detroit Lions MUST win Super Bowl

Ben Johnson's Offensive Wizardry

During the 2022 season, Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson emerged as one of the NFL's most brilliant offensive minds. His innovative play-calling and ability to maximize his players' strengths turned heads across the league. It's no secret that Johnson was in high demand for head coaching positions this past offseason, with several teams showing interest and conducting interviews, including the Panthers.

However, to the delight of Lions fans, Johnson chose to return to Detroit for the 2023 season. While this is undoubtedly fantastic news for the Lions' offense, it's important to recognize that Johnson's return may be a one-year affair. The NFL is well aware of his talents, and it's highly likely that another franchise will snatch him up as their head coach.

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Aaron Glenn's Defensive Mastery

The Lions' defense has been the Achilles' heel of the franchise for years, but in 2023, a remarkable transformation has taken place. Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn has orchestrated a defensive unit that's become one of the NFL's finest. In fact, as of now, the Lions boast the No. 3 ranked defense in the league, according to advanced DVOA statistics. To put it in perspective, their offense ranks No. 4.

Yes, you read that correctly—the Lions' defense ranks higher than their offense through five games. It's a testament to the remarkable job Glenn has done in revitalizing this defense. However, like Ben Johnson, Glenn's success has made him a hot commodity in the coaching world. He's quickly ascending the coaching ladder, and it's not unrealistic to imagine him leaving the Lions after the 2023 season for a head coaching position elsewhere.

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The Urgency of Winning Now

With both Ben Johnson and Aaron Glenn poised to be prime head coaching candidates after the season, the Detroit Lions find themselves at a crossroads. If they wait too long to make their championship run, they might lose the architects of their recent success. Could the Lions, under the leadership of head coach Dan Campbell, continue to thrive with different coordinators in 2024? Possibly, but it's far from a sure thing.

That's why the Lions need to seize the moment and focus on winning Super Bowl LVIII, rather than just taking another step forward. The specter of losing two brilliant coordinators looms large, and it's imperative that the Lions maximize the opportunity while Johnson and Glenn are still at the helm. The potential departure of these two coaching maestros could lead to a significant transitional period that the team can ill afford.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Dual Threat: Offense and Defense: The Lions have a top-tier offense and defense, led by coordinators Ben Johnson and Aaron Glenn, respectively. Both are highly coveted coaching prospects, which makes winning a Super Bowl this year crucial.
  2. The Coaching Carousel: Ben Johnson and Aaron Glenn's success has put them on the coaching carousel, and the Lions must act swiftly to capitalize on their talents before they potentially move on to head coaching positions elsewhere.
  3. Immediate Focus on Super Bowl LVIII: To secure a championship, the Lions should be willing to make strategic moves, including trades, to strengthen their roster for the current season. The future may hold uncertainties, but the present is an opportunity they must seize.

The Bottom Line: WIN NOW!!!

The Detroit Lions are in a unique position to contend for a championship in the 2023 season. With offensive mastermind Ben Johnson and defensive guru Aaron Glenn guiding the team, the time to strike is now. Waiting could lead to a period of adjustment and uncertainty that the franchise cannot afford. The Lions must set their sights on Super Bowl LVIII and do whatever it takes to bring the Lombardi Trophy home to Detroit.