You will not believe who the Big Ten has selected to referee the Michigan vs. Ohio State game

If you are a fan of the Michigan Wolverines, you may want to pass on reading this one and just get a good night’s sleep for Saturday’s big game against Ohio State.

Ok, last chance to close this post….

Alright, you asked for it.

According to reports, Kevin Schwarzel has been selected to referee The Game at the Big House.

In case you are not sure who Schwarzel is, he is the referee who screwed Michigan on multiple occasions during the 2016 game in Columbus.

Here is a post from Reddit that pretty much sums up who many Wolverines fans feel right now.

The guy who called this pass interference, but not this or this. The guy who resides in Athens and is openly an Ohio State fan. The guy who was not allowed to officiate the ’06 game due to potential bias.

The most blatantly biased member of a crew who called zero penalties from scrimmage on Ohio State in that game is going to be on the field tomorrow. The same crew who robbed Michigan of a conference title and playoff birth. Don’t get your hopes up, everyone.

How in the world does the Big Ten allow an official who is an Ohio State fan to call the Ohio State vs. Michigan game?

What do you think?

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  1. At this moment, I`ve got watching a replay of the game as the #1 thing to do tomorrow on my list of morning chores. At least he didn`t call some bullshit calls to favor that team south of Michigan. That new camera on the cables will show what`s up and what`s down.

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