Young Detroit Lions fans heckle Bob Quinn during pregame meeting with Martha Ford

If you have been following the news since Sunday morning, you are well aware that fans are fed up with the Detroit Lions organization. They are fed up with the coaching, they are fed up with the general manager, they are fed up with the “holier than thou” vibe the Ford family puts out, but most of all, they are fed up with losing.

Many Lions fans like myself have suffered for a long time (42 years) and I will tell you first-hand that after many years of losing, there is almost a numbing feeling that eventually replaces the anger.

But some of the younger Lions fans, who have not suffered for multiple decades, still have the fire of a flaming inferno when it comes to their team and on Sunday, those fans were heard.

Prior to the start of Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Lions GM Bob Quinn was on the field having a conversation with Lions owner Martha Ford and some other members of the Ford family and team management.

At the same time, three young fans, Griffin Brown, 17, of Plymouth, Nick Koski, 18, of Plymouth and Owen Oszust, 18, of Canton stood less than 10 yards from the conversation, holding a “Martha Sell the Team” poster that they created.

From Detroit Free Press:

“(General manager) Bob Quinn is going around, giving hugs and kisses to the Ford family,” he said, shaking his head.

Koski, 18, from Plymouth, and his two friends were screaming at Quinn: “You are going to lose your job!”

All right, so maybe they weren’t predicting — just hoping. 

“Quinn is sucking up big time (to Martha),” Owen Oszust, 18, of Canton, said. “Because he can’t make a good draft pick. During the offseason, he put all of that money into the defense. And we are worse this year? This is crazy.”

A few minutes later, Lions coach Matt Patricia walked up to Ford and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“Ah!” Koski said, mocking the warm embrace.

Yes, he is just 18, but he already exhibits the bitterness and anger, not to mention raw skepticism, that you would expect to find in a far older Lions fan.

You can bet Bob and Martha heard the youngs fans voicing their opinion, but do they really care?



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