10 BOLD Detroit Lions’ predictions for 2019

As Detroit Lions‘ fans, we have been forced to look forward to “next season” for a very long time. Despite some high hopes coming into the 2018 regular season, the Lions managed to crap the bed once again, leaving us shaking our heads and wondering if our team will ever contend for a Super Bowl.

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Well, at this point, all we can do is begin looking ahead to 2019 and dream that our football team will turn things around.

So, here are 10 BOLD Detroit Lions’ predictions for 2019.

Jim Bob Cooter is fired

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Ok, I admit that this is not exactly the boldest of predictions, but when you consider how damn loyal the Ford family has been through the years, it wouldn’t be a complete shock if JBC was brought back. That being said, I truly believe there has to be a scapegoat for what happened to Matthew Stafford and the Lions offense this season and Cooter will be gone soon after the new year begins.

The Lions will trade their first-round pick

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As it stands, the Lions roster has a lot of holes that cannot be filled with one pick. Because of that, I predict Bob Quinn will trade their first-round pick to move down and accumulate more picks. As long as they stay around the top 10, they will be just fine as there is a ton of defensive talent in this year’s draft.

Golden Tate returns

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Let me begin by saying that I stand by my opinion that trading Golden Tate was 100% the right move. With the numbers he was putting up in Detroit, he was going to demand more money than the Lions would be willing to spend and it was better to deal him for a draft pick than to get nothing.

But guess what? Tate has done absolutely nothing in Philadelphia which means his free agent price tag should drop. Detroit needs another Tate and Tate clearly needs Detroit.

Worst to first

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I’m sure I will get killed for this one, but if Bob Quinn can make some key moves this offseason, the Detroit Lions could go from worst to first. With a few additions (OG, WR, TE) the offense could easily be a top 12 or so unit in the NFL, while the defense could also be improved if Quinn is smart enough to stop up early and often in the draft.

The Packers are awful, the Vikings are beatable, and the Bears are 100% overrated. I realize that history is not on my side here, but watch out for the Lions in 2019!

Matthew Stafford will be a Pro Bowl snub

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The growing number of Matthew Stafford haters will have a field day with this one. Stafford is going to have a hell of a season next year and he will be deserving of a Pro Bowl selection. That being said, there are so many Stafford haters in Detroit that when Pro Bowl rosters are revealed, the Lions signal-caller will have to settle for alternate status.

Kerryon Johnson will have 1,400 yards from scrimmage

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Kerryon Johnson is the real deal (IF HE CAN STAY HEALTHY!). During his rookie season, Johnson did not have a ton of opportunities (thanks for nothing Lions’ coaches) but when he had them, he showed flashes of brilliance. I believe that whoever is the offensive coordinator in 2019 will be smart enough to get his best player the football early and often. If he plays all 16 games, Kerryon will eclipse 1,400 yards from scrimmage.

Lions host/win a playoff game

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This is probably the boldest prediction on this list as the Lions will be coming off of a miserable 2018 season. That being said, I still believe that Matthew Stafford has a ton of talent and I expect him to bounce back in 2019 with a new offensive coordinator. I also expect for the Lions to draft defense early and often, which will immediately make the team better next season. I don’t expect the Lions to win 12 games, but I also don’t believe in the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, or Green Bay Packers and 10 wins could be enough to win the NFC North.

Damon ‘Snacks’ Harrison makes the Pro Bowl

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Damon Harrison is an absolute beast on the defensive line and he made everyone aware he was not happy about being a Pro Bowl snub…again. Look for him to be on a mission to dominate once again in 2019 and this time, he will get recognized for his efforts.

Kenny Golladay catches 12 touchdowns

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Kenny Golladay showed in 2018 that he has the talent to become one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Heck, when asked about it, Golladay said he already believes he is one of the best. I truly expect the Lions offense to be one of the most improved units in the NFL in 2019 and Golladay will be a big part of that as he hauls in 12 touchdowns.

Lions sign TE Jared Cook

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One of the Lions biggest holes this season was at the tight end position. After Bob Quinn decided not to bring back Eric Ebron for the 2018 season, the thought was that he had a plan to replace him. But either A) His plan was to trade for Rob Gronkowski, which Gronk essentially nixed, or B) He hoped Luke Willson would turn out to be a weapon for Matthew Stafford and the offense. Well, neither of those things happened and now the Lions are in the same boat. One tight end who could become available is Jared Cook of the Oakland Raiders. Cook may be getting up there in age, but he proved this season that he still has some gas left in the tank. It would have to be a short-term contract, but it could prove worth it.

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