2 Positions the Detroit Lions MUST trade for to compete for a Super Bowl

2 Positions the Detroit Lions MUST trade for to compete for a Super Bowl.

2 Positions the Detroit Lions MUST trade for to compete for a Super Bowl

The Detroit Lions are off to a solid 5-2 start in the 2023 season, giving fans newfound hope and optimism. While this early success is undoubtedly exciting, it's crucial to maintain a realistic perspective. If the Lions genuinely want to compete for a Super Bowl at the end of THIS SEASON, they must address two critical positions: EDGE rusher and cornerback.

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The Quest for an Elite EDGE Rusher

The Detroit Lions' defensive front is certainly deep, but it lacks the top-tier talent needed to put a serious amount of pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Aidan Hutchinson has been a revelation, but even he can't do it all by himself. To take the next step towards contention, Detroit needs to be aggressive in pursuing a game-changing EDGE rusher.

Three people whom I have mentioned in recent articles are Danielle Hunter, Chase Young, and Brian Burns. While it may seem far-fetched to acquire such elite talents, the Lions should explore every possible avenue. These players have the potential to transform the Lions' defense into a formidable force. The availability of these stars may be a question, but the Lions must at least make inquiries to improve their chances of securing an elite pass-rusher.

Bolstering the Thin Outside Cornerback Group

The Detroit Lions have been struggling to find reliable options at the outside cornerback position for as long as I can remember! The recent season-ending injury to Emmanuel Moseley has exacerbated the issue, leaving Detroit with a glaring lack of depth.

Cameron Sutton is a reliable veteran, but he is not a true shutdown corner, and Jerry Jacobs, while capable, is not a game-changer. The Lions need to invest in an outside cornerback who can provide consistent, top-tier coverage.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Pursuing an Elite EDGE Rusher: To compete for a Super Bowl, the Detroit Lions must prioritize acquiring an elite EDGE rusher. While their defensive front is deep, it lacks top-tier talent to consistently pressure opposing quarterbacks.
  2. Strengthening Outside Cornerback: The Lions have long struggled to find reliable options at outside cornerback, and recent injuries have highlighted their lack of depth. Detroit should invest in a shutdown cornerback who can provide consistent, top-tier coverage.
  3. Aggressively Pursue Top Talent: To make a Super Bowl run this season, the Lions must be aggressive in their pursuit of these key positions. While acquiring elite players may seem challenging, exploring all possible avenues, including trades, will improve their chances of securing the necessary talent for a championship-caliber team.

Bottom Line: Win Now Or Win Later?

The Detroit Lions' 5-2 start to the 2023 season is impressive, but it's just the beginning of what could be a fantastic journey. To have a genuine shot at competing for a Super Bowl, they must act decisively and address their need for an elite EDGE rusher AND a reliable outside cornerback. It's a challenging task, but with the right moves, Detroit can position itself as a legitimate contender in the years to come. Lions fans, it's time to dream big, but it's also time to make the necessary moves to turn those dreams into reality.