3 Michigan Football Players Named to USA TODAY All-American Team

3 Michigan Football Players Named to USA TODAY All-American Team.

3 Michigan Football Players Named to USA TODAY All-American Team

The University of Michigan football team has achieved a notable feat with three of its players being selected for the prestigious USA TODAY All-American team. This recognition is a significant accomplishment, showcasing the individual talents and contributions of these players to the team's success. The three Wolverines to be named as All-Americans are Zak Zinter, Blake Corum, and Will Johnson.

A Trifecta of Talent

Zak Zinter, the only Wolverine named to the first-team list, has been instrumental in the team's offensive line, contributing to back-to-back Joe Moore Award wins. His season-ending injury doesn't diminish his impressive performance throughout the season.

Blake Corum, voted onto the second team, has had a remarkable year, breaking the Michigan single-season rushing touchdown record and tying the career record for rushing touchdowns. His achievements have been pivotal to Michigan's offensive strategy.

Finally, Will Johnson, also selected for the second team, has demonstrated his exceptional potential and skill as a true sophomore, effectively locking down the No. 1 wide receiver from opposing teams and making significant plays in defense.

These honors not only highlight the players' individual prowess but also underscore Michigan's strength and depth as a football program.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Zak Zinter, Blake Corum, and Will Johnson from Michigan Football have been named to the USA TODAY All-American team.
  2. Zinter, integral to the Wolverines’ offensive line, is named to the first team.
  3. Corum and Johnson, both vital to the team’s success, are selected for the second team.

The Bottom Line – Wolverines' Winning Ways

The recognition of Zak Zinter, Blake Corum, and Will Johnson as USA TODAY All-Americans is a proud moment for the University of Michigan football program. These honors not only celebrate the exceptional talent and hard work of these individual players but also underscore the broader success and reputation of Michigan as a leading force in college football. As these players continue to excel and the program nurtures future talents, the legacy of Michigan football remains strong, promising more exciting and triumphant moments in the seasons to come.


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