6 Michigan Football team captains named for 2023

Six Michigan Football team captains have been named for what could be a very special season in Ann Arbor.

6 Michigan Football team captains named for 2023

The heartbeat of the Michigan football team for the 2023 season has been set, thanks to the recent announcement of their six captains. Chosen through a player-elected vote, the recipients of this prestigious honor include DB Mike Sainristil; LG Trevor Keegan, Michael LB Barrett, RB Blake Corum, DT Kris Jenkins, and RG Zak Zinter.

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Corum and the Offensive Line Lead the Way

Corum, who's well-regarded for his 18 touchdowns and an impressive 1,463 rushing yards in 2022, had hopes of entering the NFL draft but chose to stay after a knee injury. His aim now is to bring a National Championship back to Ann Arbor for the first time since 1997. The offensive line is fortified by the likes of Zinter and Keegan.

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  1. Michigan Football has announced six captains for the 2023 football season, encompassing a mix of graduates and seniors: Mike Sainristil, Trevor Keegan, Michael Barrett, Blake Corum, Kris Jenkins, and Zak Zinter.
  2. Blake Corum, last season's MVP with 18 touchdowns and a commendable 1,463 rushing yards, chose to remain with the Wolverines after a knee injury, with ambitions set on a National Championship win.
  3. The team, strengthened by both new and returning captains, will launch their season on Sept. 2 against East Carolina, aiming to combine experience with fresh tactics for a victorious season.
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Bottom Line – Shaping Wolverines’ 2023 Legacy

With a mix of seasoned players and spirited young leaders, the Michigan football team is setting the stage for a memorable 2023 season. As the curtain rises on this new chapter, it's evident that these six captains, with their combined experience, talent, and passion, are the lynchpins to the team's aspirations. From battles on the field to mentorship off it, these leaders will be at the heart of every play, every strategy, and every touchdown. Wolverines' fans, get ready to witness leadership in action.