Detroit Lions players react to their Madden 18 ratings

Playing the popular game Madden isn’t just for football fans.

NFL players themselves enjoy it as well, and also take special notice of how they’re personally ranked within the game. This week, Madden 18 released their player ratings, and Lions cornerback Darius Slay took exception to how he was ranked.

“I loved it, I loved it,” he said. “I’m a Madden guy. Shoot, man, I’m just ready to play it. But, I felt like I should’ve been in the 90’s. They just wanna do the Lions bad. It’s just a game, man, but I love it. By the time the updated rosters come out I’ll be a 95.”

Madden updates the player ratings from week to week, and Slay is confident that his ranking will rise as time goes on. The Lions were one of a handful of teams without a single player ranked 90 or above; quarterback Matthew Stafford came in at 87. Is that evidence of an anti-Lions bias?

“To be a top-30 player in the NFL this year, that’s too low. They just wanna boo-boo Detroit, man. I hate that,” Slay said.

Meanwhile, other Lions players took notice of their rankings, like Kerry Hyder. He’s currently ranked with a 78.

“I think I finished last season with a 79, so they regressed me over the offseason,” he said. “I’ma edit myself anyway. I’ll be 99 before the night’s over.”

Glover Quin didn’t even care to know what his rating was.

“Nah, probably weak,” he said. “They always do that.”

As far as wide receivers are concerned, Golden Tate tops Detroit with an 87 ranking, while Marvin Jones checks in at 84.

“I’ve been 84 almost my whole time here to start off with. But I don’t really care about the start because they got the updates,” Jones said. “Okay, cool, 84 I guess you can say is respectable, but toward the end I know I’ma be up.”

At running back, Theo Riddick was given a ranking of 82, while Ameer Abdullah received a 78.

“That’s trash, it’ll be like 94,” Abdullah said.

Madden 18 will be released August 25.






Written by Michael Whitaker

Always at the front lines of Detroit Sports.

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