A.J. Hinch: ‘Honored’ to be Detroit Tigers manager

Discover how A.J. Hinch's leadership has propelled the Detroit Tigers to exceeding expectations in 2023 and why high hopes are set for the 2024 season.

There are few better at what they do than Detroit Tigers‘ manager A.J. Hinch. While no one is perfect, and there are plenty of ways in which Hinch could improve, the fact that he fell in the Tigers' lap when he did should be reason enough to celebrate. And all he's done since getting here is taken scrap-heap rosters and won more than expected–none more so than this most recent season. He knows the position he's in and said today to reporters than he's “thrilled…proud…and honored” to be the manager of the Detroit Tigers.

A.J. Hinch

A.J. Hinch is the perfect man for the job

Hinch brings smarts, experience, and the perfect makeup to a town that is longing for a winner on the ball diamond. He played here as a player, though not for good teams, but has taken the reigns as the leader and has never minced words when it came to his team's performance. Yet, after a season in which the team outperformed expectations by nearly 10 games, Hinch was very clear where he stands:

I've never been more encouraged to be the manager here. I know these are not easy jobs to get, and they're not easy jobs to keep. When it comes to being the Detroit Tigers manager, I'm thrilled, I'm proud, I'm honored.

A.J. Hinch, via Evan Woodbery on X

Maybe it's the high from the send-off the team gave Miguel Cabrera or the fact they won nearly 80 games, but these are a few great sentiments coming from the Tigers' head guy. A guy they should be grateful puts on their uniform every day.

2024 should have high expectations with Hinch at the helm

The 2023 Tigers started the season 2-9, had a nine-game losing streak in the early months, and still finished the season in second place in the AL Central, and only 6 games below .500. Much of that should be attributed to younger core players like Spencer Torkelson, Kerry Carpenter, Tarik Skubal, and even Matt Vierling making strides both offensively and defensively. But, let's not underscore the job that Hinch and the coaching staff he assembled played in those player's development.

In his three seasons with the Tigers Hinch has won more than 75 games twice, with 2022 being the aberration and a forgettable season. The Tide has turned for the Tigers who should be looking at the 2024 season with confidence knowing their core is together and they have the best manager in their division. Things are looking up and there is reason to be excited for the future of the Tigers organization, especially if A.J. Hinch is calling the shots.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. A.J. Hinch's tenure as the Detroit Tigers' manager has brought about success beyond expectations.
  2. Hinch's leadership and the team's performance in 2023 have raised hopes for a strong 2024 season.
  3. The manager's impact on player development and the team's future is evident, making him a pivotal figure for the Tigers.